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Episode #143-A is the episode where Naruto has a dream about kissing Sakura. Even though he dreams this he ends up kissing Hinanta.

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Q: What number episode does Naruto have a dream about kissing Sakura?
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What episode number does Saskue kill Sakura?

Sakura is not dead.

What number episode did sakura and Sasuke kiss?

There's no such episode. People draw pictures of them kissing and those people are really talented because it looks like the actual author drew them but there isn't any such episode where that happens(i wish it did though^_^).

Where is sakura other self in road to ninja movie?

Sakura other self is in a filler episode. The original Sakura is in the movie Road to Ninja and the other Sakura is in the filler episode, number 271.

What number Naruto episode does Naruto fight Pain?


What episode number is confessions in naruto?

If you are reffering to Naruto shippuden: 'Confession' then it is episode 166, which is the latest english dubbed episode

What episode number when naruto and sasuke protect a golden bear?

It happens in Episode 194 of the Naruto Shippuden series.

In which Naruto episode does Hinata try to save Naruto?

i dont know the number but its called 'Hinata's confession'

What number is the last manga in the Naruto shippuden series?

Episode 220: Departure

What is saskues team number?

Sauskes team consists of himself sakura and naruto their team number is squad 7.

What is the episode number of when Hinata cofesses her feelings?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 166

What episode is the 2 tailed beast in?

In episode number 21 of naruto shippuden.

Does Naruto likes Sakura?

Yes, Naruto has a romantic interest in Sakura. Ever since the show started. He even transformed into Sasuke, pretending to be him. While posing as Sasuke and as the two were about to kiss, Naruto thought,I'm finally realizing what I like about Sakura...Unfortunately for Naruto, Sakura didn't return his feelings. As we all know, she was interested in Sasuke (in the original NARUTO series).After Sasuke leaves and in Shippuuden however, her emotions seem a little different. Two years later she blushes at Naruto, even asking, "Do I look more womanly?" (Being the dope he is, though, Naruto assured her that she had not changed in the least. *facepalm*) She still cares greatly for Sasuke, even smacking Sai when he insulted the former Team 7 member.Still in Shippuuden, Naruto has asked Sakura out on a number of occasions.To answer your question simply, Naruto has always liked Sshe wasakura and will continue to do so. In addition, Sakura seems to be warming up (romantically) to she liked naruto but still punched him. naruto and lee thought she was beautiful. NARUTO LIKES SAKURA BUT IN THE RECENT MANGA SAKURA SAYS SHE LIKE HIM AND NARUTO DOESNT FEEL THE SAME HE SAYS THAT JE KNOWS THAT SHE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON SASKUE SO NARUHINA FANS YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE.ok naruto likes sakura a lot but sakura doesnt like naruto so sakura goes looking for sasuke cuz sakura loves sasuke and then hinata luves naruto so it might be naruhina