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Gerben van den Hoven goes by Gerben.

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Gert Winckelmans goes by Abusive Drunk.

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Q: What nicknames does Gert Winckelmans go by?
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When was Gert Winckelmans born?

Gert Winckelmans was born in 1979, in Antwerp, Belgium.

When was Georges Winckelmans born?

Georges Winckelmans was born on 1910-07-14.

Who is Petra Winckelmans?

Petra Winckelmans is an actress known for Famile. She was born on November 6, 1970. She won Miss Belgian Beauty in 1995.

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The cast of Early Birds - 2012 includes: Elly De Vriendt as Stepmother Ezra Fieremans as Friend of Simon Szaga Lauwers as Mila Jasper Provijn as Simon Tom Van Bauwel as Sam Frank Vercruyssen as Father Gert Winckelmans as Postman

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When was Gert Aandewiel born?

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