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Q: What is Name of second wife of maxim in rebecca?
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Who is the protagonist of rebecca by daphne du maurier?

The protagonist of "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier is the unnamed young second wife of Maxim de Winter. The story follows her as she grapples with the shadow of Maxim's deceased first wife, Rebecca, and the secrets surrounding her death.

Who is mrs de winters in the book Rebecca?

The wives of Maxim de Winter. The first wife was Mrs. Rebecca de Winter, which the second wife is just known as either the narrator or Mrs. de Winter, as her first name was never stated in the book.

What is rebecca by daphne du maurier about?

"Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier is about a young bride consumed by the shadow of her husband's deceased first wife, Rebecca. The novel revolves around themes of jealousy, manipulation, and the haunting presence of the past. It explores the complexities of relationships and the consequences of secrets and lies.

What was the first name of Maximillian DeWinter's second wife?

In the book "Rebecca", chapter 3, page 20, the narrator says, "but my name was on the envelope, spelt correctly, an unusual thing". Then in chapter 4, page 26, Maxim DeWinter told her, "you have a very lovely and unusual name". No other clues to her first name exist.

What is Andrew Clements' wife's first name?

His wife's first name is Rebecca.Her first name is Rebecca.

Andrew Clements' wife's name is?

His wife's name is Rebecca Pierpont Clements.

Name of the second mrs de winter in Rebecca?

The second Mrs. de Winter is never named throughout Rebecca. She is the narrator, and thus refers to herself by first-person pronouns, and others call her by her married name or by pronouns.The author's lack of a name for this character seems to emphasize her quiet, mousy personality in the face of the outgoing Rebecca. The entire book, and the de Winters' entire life, is about Rebecca despite the fact that Rebecca is deceased and the second Mrs. de Winter is alive. Thus, the lack of a name furthers the marginalization of the second wife's character and brings out the importance of Rebecca in the household.

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Does Andrew clements have a wife?

Andrew Clements is married, and his wife's name is Rebecca.

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