What names mean clumsy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Other names for clumsy are awkward, uncoordinated, ungainly, graceless, and inelegant. Clumsy means lacking social skills and graces, or done in an awkward manner.

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Q: What names mean clumsy?
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Do integrity means clumsy?

No integrity does not mean clumsy. Clumsy and integrity are completely different words.

What does ham-fisted mean?


What does clumsy about the waist mean?


What does patoso mean in spanish?

clumsy, accidental

What does patosa mean in spanish?

clumsy, or accidental

What does partis mean in latin?

Clumsy and heavy

What does maladroit mean in french?

clumsy, awkward

What does doddering mean?

um mental person and clumsy

What does okward mean?

awkward means clumsy and weird

What does maletroit mean?

I suspect you mean maladroit, in which case it means inept or clumsy.

What is a five letter word that means fat and clumsy?

You could try the word "bulky" which can mean "awkwardly large; big and clumsy".

What does roystering mean?

someone who is very clumsy and normally on boats