What music is bad?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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the way it can influence people and change peoples mood without them realizing. the way people can listen to it and want to be just like the people making it and the way that if a song is depressing, it makes u sad, if its violent it makes u feel angry/violent e.c.t and you don't even realize what it's doing to you. also alot of music is not particularly very nice as it's about quite obscene topics ( im not complaining just saying some people don't like it for those reasons, i in fact love all music especially the offensive stuff xD)

the thing i learned listening to all of that music was the similarities in it,

the main similarity is the fact that they all brainwash you with subliminal messages..

and recent studies have shown that most people don't 'listen' to the words that pile up into their brains,

because of course, it's hard to dissect that and still listen and 'enjoy' the music...

instead what happens is there is a section of the brain that self consciously understands the words...

and then, the listener gets these messed up thoughts

but there are a few vital differences..

the fact that every kind of music does something a little different to the listener...

the same stereotypes that are associated with the listeners are true

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Q: What music is bad?
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