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Q: Is it bad to listen to punk music?
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What kind of music did Josef Stalin listen to?

punk rock

What is something you did formerly and do not do now?

Listen to bad music - now I listen to good music

What does it mean when people say 'punk is dead' when there are still true punk bands with their own style around?

Punk Music Dead? When people say, "punk is dead", they mean true, original punk. The style of music that a true punk rocker is a part of has been perverted and watered down into a commercial friendly profit making scheme. The off shoots of punk: pop-punk, emo, etc. are not concidered "punk" to some people that were truly into the original punk movement and see it as an insult to punk as having their genre dragged through the mudd for these crappy new genres. That's why when someone says, "punk is dead", they mean the new punk genres out now are not really punk and no "real" punk music gets attention from anyone in the music industry. The real punk music is dead. The new bands don't have the classic style that the original punk bands did. Punk is dead because it is now just another commercial genre that the record companies market. Punk was dead the second the damned released their first album. The term punk was a label put on a certain group of band in New York in the 70's to more easily categorize them. Original "punk" music was very experimental and the idea was to deconstruct any previous ideas of what music was, including labels. This label was not embraced by the "punk" community. So we can have arguments on whether punk is dead or not or we can honor the spirit of those few pioneers and just appreciate and play music for the sake of creativity. Punk means something different to every person you ask, so if anyone says "punk is dead" than maybe their idea of punk is dead and what "punk" means to me is to think for yourself. So, figure out what it means to you and leave everyone else alone. Punk is not dead it never died it's just evolved! A genre of music cannot die, simply because a lot of people listen to punk music and are still in punk bands. what they mean by that is the style is not thriving any more like it was back in 70s. Punk was invented in Britain in 1976. Unlike the above posters, I was there. It was dead by 1978 - *None* of the music that now aspires to be punk is, or ever could be punk. It's dead - carry on enjoying more recent stuf, but it ain't the real thing. Punk is not dead, unless you mean dead in the mainstream (and mainstream punk should be an oxymoron) and the only people who say so are old men living in denial, who think that the entire modern punk scene is made up of bands like Green Day, and have no idea that there are still bands in the underground that are way less commercial than many of the bigger bands in the 70s. Being older doesn't mean you're right.

The most popular music genre in Australia?

Everyone has their own types of music they like No country has a type of music

What sort of music did teddy boys listen to?

what sort of music did teddy boy listen to what sort of music did teddy boy listen to

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What are punk rockers?

People who listen to punk rock music.

What are punks?

People who listen to punk Rock Music.

When was Mums' Bad Punk Music created?

Mums' Bad Punk Music was created on 2008-11-17.

How do you get a punk girl to like you?

im a punk girl and the most important thing is the music. listen to her type of music, and she'll fall for you

What kind of music did Josef Stalin listen to?

punk rock

How do you know if your punk?

if you listen to punk music and don't always listen to rules. you dont have to smoke crack to be punk

Who likes punk rock music and why?

It has a beat and you need to listen to the words to understand.

How do you be crust punk?

Don't shower or wash your clothes and listen to angry music.

What is something you did formerly and do not do now?

Listen to bad music - now I listen to good music

How can you be a punk at 13 years old?

sure. just be your self. i started this gig when i was 11. people laughed. you know what? those people listen to some Avril, simple plan, and the new good charlotte. i say i don't gotta listen to your sh3t caz that's not me. and people say it just the music. that you gotta listen to punk music to be punk. don't listen to em. Avril ain't punk but what is? do what you know u wanna do and be what you wanna be. those who say you gotta act and be a certain way to be punk don't know the 1st thing bout punk. be yourself. ^ that's a person who you wanna listen to, just be yourself.

What type of music does the band called Bad Plus play?

The type of music that Bad Plus plays is mainly punk, which is almost a street type of genre. The band is known to have a immense amount of punk music energy.

How many people listen to basshunter's music?

Strait up, best music ever other than daft punk and deadmau5.