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Q: What movie made babalicious popular?
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What candy was made popular by a summer movie?

Reese's Pieces. Movie was ET.

Why was The Da Vinci Code made into a movie?

The DaVinci Code was made into a movie because the book was so popular.

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It's not THAT popular.

What candy was made popular by summer blockbuster?

the most popular movie candies are willy wonkas candies

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The Bee Gees?

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The most popular movie critics were Rex Reed and Roger Ebert and also Gene Siskel. Their reviews often made or broke a movie depending on how much they loved a movie.

What very popular movie studio known for children's movies made the 2006 movie Eight Below?


1980's movie which made boleroby ravel popular in the us?


Is Marley and Me a popular movie?

Well first off it's Marley and me. And YES that's the BEST MOVIE EVER MADE!!

What dance craze was made popular by the movie Saturday Night Fever?

Disco Dance

When are they going to make a movie called vampires academy?

They should make a the Boxcar Children! Cause popular books get made into movies, right? It's popular! So it should be a movie!

What legendary actor and singer made popular movie and song White Christmas?

Bing Crosby