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"live a little, love a little"

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Q: What movie did Elvis Presley drive dune buggy?
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How many movie's feature Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley was in 31 movies.

What was the name of the movie that Bruno mars starred in impersonating Elvis Presley?

Bruno Mars never played in a movie and impersonated Elvis Presley.

Did Elvis Presley star in Change Of The Jungle?

They appeared in the movie "Change of Habit". It was Presley's last movie.

Did Elvis Presley have any directors?

he had movie directors

Is there a soundtrack featuring Elvis Presley for an animated movie?

Yes, the Disney animated movie, "Lilo and Stitch" featured 7 Elvis Presley songs, the most of any film.

Which Elvis movie was the only one that Vernon and Gladys Presley appeared in?

The movie where Vernon and Gladys Presley appeared in was Loving You

What was Elvis Presley's best movie?

I think King Creole is his besr movie.

Did Elvis Presley ever kiss a teenager in a movie?


Who starred with Elvis Presley in his first movie?

Debra Paget

What was Elvis Presley's fourth movie titled?

King Creole

What circus movie did Elvis Presley play in?

"Roustabout" (1964).

Elvis Presley sings Night Rider in what movie?

Tickle Me