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Stella Adams has: Played G. A. R. Bazaar Worker in "The Passing Parade" in 1912. Played Lily Worthing in "The Lucky Loser" in 1912. Played Mother Gray in "The Tale of a Hat" in 1913. Played Undetermined Secondary Role in "The Unhappy Pair" in 1913. Played Mrs. Del Mar in "The Power of Heredity" in 1913. Performed in "A Man of the People" in 1913. Played Jennie in "The Girls and Dad" in 1913. Played Jenny Simpkins in "When Cupid Won" in 1913. Performed in "Under Western Skies" in 1913. Performed in "Teaching Dad a Lesson" in 1913. Performed in "Her Friend, the Butler" in 1913. Performed in "A Tale of the West" in 1913. Played The Club President in "When His Courage Failed" in 1913. Played Mrs. Houston in "The Girl Ranchers" in 1913. Played Miss Wright in "The Wrong Miss Wright" in 1914. Performed in "When Eddie Went to the Front" in 1914. Played Dodie in "Snobbery" in 1914. Played The Model in "Could You Blame Her" in 1914. Played Mrs. Smith in "Her Husbands" in 1914. Performed in "She Was Only a Working Girl" in 1914. Performed in "Twixt Love and Flour" in 1914. Played Silvia in "His Royal Pants" in 1914. Performed in "Way of Life" in 1914. Played Stella in "When Bess Got in Wrong" in 1914. Played Mrs. Hermuth in "The Way of Life" in 1914. Played Gibby Gabby in "Those Persistent Old Maids" in 1914. Played The Chief of Police in "When the Girls Joined the Force" in 1914. Played Liza Green in "Scooped by a Hencoop" in 1914. Played Miss Fish in "It Happened on Friday" in 1915. Performed in "When He Proposed" in 1915. Performed in "Wanted: A Leading Lady" in 1915. Performed in "A Maid by Proxy" in 1915. Played Mrs. Gray in "Her Friend, the Milkman" in 1915. Played Miss Dillpickle in "All in the Same Boat" in 1915. Played Miss Dill Pickle in "His Nobs the Duke" in 1915. Played herself in "Behind the Screen" in 1915. Performed in "The Heart of Sampson" in 1915. Performed in "That Doggone Baby" in 1916. Performed in "Inoculating Hubby" in 1916. Performed in "By the Sad Sea Waves" in 1916. Played The Principal in "A Leap Year Tangle" in 1916. Performed in "Twixt Love and the Iceman" in 1916. Performed in "Her Hero Maid" in 1916. Played Aunt Matilda in "When Aunt Matilda Fell" in 1916. Performed in "The Browns See the Fair" in 1916. Played Mother in "Cupid Trims His Lordship" in 1916. Performed in "The Making Over of Mother" in 1916. Performed in "His Baby" in 1916. Performed in "The Wooing of Aunt Jemima" in 1916. Performed in "Nearly a Hero" in 1916. Performed in "Some Kid" in 1916. Performed in "His Blushing Bride" in 1916. Performed in "Never Lie to Your Wife" in 1916. Performed in "Double Crossing the Dean" in 1916. Played Mrs. West in "Her Friend, the Doctor" in 1916. Performed in "He Almost Eloped" in 1916. Played Mrs. Green in "Mixed Kids" in 1916. Performed in "Seminary Scandal" in 1916. Performed in "His Wedding Night" in 1916. Played Stella in "Good Night, Nurse" in 1916. Performed in "The Milky Way" in 1917. Performed in "Those Wedding Bells" in 1917. Performed in "Suspended Sentence" in 1917. Performed in "A Gay Deceiver" in 1917. Performed in "Small Change" in 1917. Performed in "A Lucky Slip" in 1917. Performed in "A Bold, Bad Knight" in 1917. Performed in "Kidding Sister" in 1917. Performed in "Almost a Scandal" in 1917. Performed in "Uppercuts" in 1926. Performed in "Honeymoon Hospital" in 1926. Played Mrs. Coleman in "The Silent Trailer" in 1926. Performed in "Dr. Quack" in 1927. Performed in "French Fried" in 1927. Performed in "Swiss Movements" in 1927. Played Mrs. McGinnis in "Showing Off" in 1927. Played Mrs. McGinnis in "Society Breaks" in 1927. Played Mrs. McGinnis in "Passing the Joneses" in 1927. Performed in "A Moony Mariner" in 1927. Played Mrs. McGinnis in "Keeping in Trim" in 1927. Performed in "Wedding Wows" in 1927. Performed in "Gobs of Love" in 1928. Played Mrs. McGinnis in "Start Something" in 1928. Performed in "McGinnis vs. Jones" in 1928. Played Mrs. McGinnis in "Meet the Count" in 1928. Performed in "Sweeties" in 1928. Played Mrs. McGinis in "Reel Life" in 1928. Played Mrs. McGinnis in "Indoor Golf" in 1928. Performed in "Slick Slickers" in 1928. Played Mrs. McGinis in "A Big Bluff" in 1928. Performed in "Picture My Astonishment" in 1928. Played Mrs. McGinis in "A Full House" in 1928. Played Mrs. McGinnis in "Horse Play" in 1928. Played Mrs. McGinis in "Her Only Husband" in 1928. Performed in "Goofy Ghosts" in 1928. Played Lizzie Williams in "Me, Gangster" in 1928. Performed in "Hot Scotch" in 1928. Performed in "Single Bliss" in 1929. Performed in "Love Spats" in 1929. Played Mrs. Dowling in "Polished Ivory" in 1930. Played Landlady in "Prize Puppies" in 1930. Performed in "The Foolish Forties" in 1931. Played Mrs. Smith in "Bachelor Mother" in 1932. Played Mrs. Fane in "Sister to Judas" in 1932. Played Georgiana in "The Vampire Bat" in 1933. Played Aunt Emily van Puyten in "Sing, Sinner, Sing" in 1933. Played Newfoundlander in "Whom the Gods Destroy" in 1934. Played Minor Role in "The King Steps Out" in 1936. Played Townswoman in "Theodora Goes Wild" in 1936. Played herself in "Melissa Harris-Perry" in 2012.

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Stella Ademiluyi has: Played Nigerian Thick Madame in "Phat Girlz" in 2006. Played Party Patron in "Heels" in 2010. Played Background in "Boots" in 2013. Played Nurse 1 in "Lou the Champ" in 2013. Played Church Goer in "Waiting in the Wings: The Musical" in 2014. Played Dance Mom in "Platinum the Dance Movie" in 2014. Played Court Stenographer in "Strike One" in 2014.

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Muyiwa Ademola has: Performed in "Kajola" in 2005. Performed in "Kajola 2" in 2005. Performed in "Olufunmi" in 2005. Performed in "Ija okan" in 2006. Performed in "Ire aye mi" in 2006. Performed in "Apesin" in 2006. Played Jimi in "Igi owo" in 2007. Performed in "Kootu olohun" in 2007. Performed in "Kilebi olorun" in 2007. Performed in "Edunjobi" in 2007. Performed in "Edunjobi 2" in 2007. Performed in "Oba irawo" in 2007. Performed in "Nkan adun" in 2008. Performed in "Igba ewa" in 2008. Performed in "Omo pupa" in 2008. Performed in "Tibi tire laye" in 2009. Played Honorable Morakiyo in "Ise imole" in 2009.

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Joseph Ademola Adeyemo has: Played Lawyer in "National Geographic Explorer" in 1985. Played Bailiff in "Close to Home" in 2005. Played Lumberjack in "Windfall" in 2006. Played Detective in "Dexter" in 2006. Played Usher in "Blades of Glory" in 2007. Played Orderly in "Sons of Anarchy" in 2008. Played NYPD Officer in "Castle" in 2009. Played Fourth Horseman in "The Nostradamus Effect" in 2009. Played Pirate in "Mysteries at the Museum" in 2010. Played Father in "Faith and Dreams" in 2010. Played Fighter in "Mr Rager" in 2011. Played Deputy Sheriff Patrick Cuffy in "Fatal Encounters" in 2012. Played Mercenary in "The Blacklist" in 2013. Played Loon in "Karma: Day of the Loon" in 2014.

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Stella Egitto has: Played Veronica Paoli in "Squadra antimafia - Palermo oggi" in 2009. Played Tina in "Mia madre" in 2010. Played Baby sitter in "Sulla strada di casa" in 2011. Played Alice in "Ti stimo fratello" in 2012. Played Immacolata in "Questo nostro amore" in 2012. Played Jenny in "Gli anni spezzati" in 2014.

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Stella Ikwuegbe has: Performed in "Romantic Attraction" in 2003. Performed in "Never Say Goodbye" in 2003. Performed in "Not Man Enough" in 2003. Performed in "Not Man Enough 2" in 2003. Performed in "Dogs Meeting 2" in 2004. Performed in "Nights of Riot" in 2004. Performed in "Dogs Meeting" in 2004. Performed in "Dorathy My Love" in 2005. Performed in "Dorathy My Love 2" in 2005. Performed in "I Think Twice" in 2005. Performed in "I Think Twice 2" in 2005. Performed in "Spirit of Love 2" in 2006. Performed in "The Preacher" in 2006. Performed in "Spirit of Love" in 2006. Performed in "Holy Man" in 2007. Performed in "Holy Man 3" in 2007. Performed in "Holy Man 2" in 2007. Performed in "Female Lion" in 2008. Played Mrs Okonkwo in "The Laptop" in 2008. Played Mrs. Echems in "Bless My Soul 2" in 2008. Performed in "Female Lion 2" in 2008. Played Mrs Okonkwo in "The Laptop 2" in 2008. Played Mrs. Echems in "Bless My Soul" in 2008. Performed in "Heart of Stone" in 2010. Performed in "Heart of Stone 2" in 2010.

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Stella Lind has: Performed in "Bryggerens datter" in 1912. Played Young Girl in "Spejderen" in 1912. Played Carmen in "Cigaretpigen" in 1915. Played Adora in "Det evige Had" in 1915. Played Lola Johnsen in "Barnehjertets Heltemod" in 1916. Played Annie Darling in "Maaneprinsessen" in 1916. Played Inga in "Dommerens Hustru" in 1916. Played Monna in "Paraplyen" in 1916. Played Annie - Apache in "Lotteriseddel No. 22152" in 1916. Played Annie in "Livets Genvordigheder" in 1916. Played Nora Brinch - Actress in "Lyset og Livet" in 1916. Played Vita Bell - Gang Member in "For sin Dreng" in 1916. Played Kitty Lindley in "Den forfulgte Brudgom" in 1917. Performed in "Askepot" in 1917. Performed in "Jalousiens Magt" in 1918. Played Ella in "Naar man er ung og forelsket" in 1918. Played Magdalene in "Magdalene" in 1918. Played Gitta Torning in "Lykkens Budbringer" in 1918. Performed in "Gillekop" in 1919. Played Erna Dernera - Dancer in "Stakkels Karin" in 1919. Played Countess Korff in "Munkens fristelser" in 1921.

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Stella Stevens has:

Played herself in "The Bob Hope Show" in 1952.

Played May Alberti in "General Electric Theater" in 1953.

Played herself in "The Irv Kupcinet Show" in 1953.

Played Laura Jericho in "General Electric Theater" in 1953.

Played Judy in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in 1955.

Played Chorus Girl in "The Blue Angel" in 1959.

Played Carol Judd in "Hawaiian Eye" in 1959.

Played Suzanne Crale in "Johnny Ringo" in 1959.

Played Lisa Walters in "Riverboat" in 1959.

Played Chorine in "Say One for Me" in 1959.

Played Herself - Audience Member in "The 32nd Annual Academy Awards" in 1960.

Played Katy Cogswell in "Frontier Circus" in 1961.

Played Linda Laurence in "Follow the Sun" in 1961.

Played Jess Polanski in "Too Late Blues" in 1961.

Played Nina Jameson in "Man-Trap" in 1961.

Played Jane Hancock in "Ben Casey" in 1961.

Played herself in "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1962.

Played Laura Jericho in "Vacation Playhouse" in 1963.

Played Stella Purdy in "The Nutty Professor" in 1963.

Played Jake (1996, 1999) in "General Hospital" in 1963.

Played herself in "Freedom Spectacular" in 1964.

Played Herself - Audience Member in "The 36th Annual Academy Awards" in 1964.

Played herself in "The Bob Hope Thanksgiving Special" in 1964.

Played Martha Lou Williams in "Advance to the Rear" in 1964.

Played Joaney Adamic in "Synanon" in 1965.

Played herself in "The Hollywood Squares" in 1965.

Played Violet Lawson in "The Secret of My Success" in 1965.

Played Gail Hendricks in "The Silencers" in 1966.

Played Perla in "Rage" in 1966.

Played herself in "The Joey Bishop Show" in 1967.

Played Stacey in "Lionpower from MGM" in 1967.

Played Stacey Woodward in "Sol Madrid" in 1968.

Played Carol Corman in "How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life" in 1968.

Played Ellen Hardy in "The Mad Room" in 1969.

Played herself in "The David Frost Show" in 1969.

Played Hildy in "The Ballad of Cable Hogue" in 1970.

Played Alvira in "A Town Called Bastard" in 1971.

Played Elizabeth Chappel in "In Broad Daylight" in 1971.

Played Yvonne Kellerman in "Stand Up and Be Counted" in 1972.

Played Joanna Brent in "Ghost Story" in 1972.

Played Linda Rogo in "The Poseidon Adventure" in 1972.

Played Ivy Turnwright in "Hec Ramsey" in 1972.

Played Jill Hammond in "Banacek" in 1972.

Played Sheila Chilko in "Climb an Angry Mountain" in 1972.

Played Linda Rogo in "The Return of the Movie Movie" in 1972.

Played Ann in "Slaughter" in 1972.

Played Karen in "Arnold" in 1973.

Played Linda Reston in "Linda" in 1973.

Played Margaret Case in "Police Story" in 1973.

Played Gold Dust in "Honky Tonk" in 1974.

Played Kate Barker in "The Day the Earth Moved" in 1974.

Played Marcia in "Wonder Woman" in 1975.

Played Lucky in "Las Vegas Lady" in 1975.

Played Marty Reeves in "Nickelodeon" in 1976.

Played Hannah Morgan in "The Oregon Trail" in 1976.

Played Lola Wilkins in "Wanted: The Sundance Woman" in 1976.

Played Stella Stafford in "Kiss Me, Kill Me" in 1976.

Played Stella Chernak in "Murder in Peyton Place" in 1977.

Played Kate Malloy in "The Night They Took Miss Beautiful" in 1977.

Played Marion Sommers in "Fantasy Island" in 1977.

Played Liz in "Mister Deathman" in 1977.

Played Leonara Klopman in "The Love Boat" in 1977.

Played Kathy Costello in "The Love Boat" in 1977.

Played Maatira in "Fantasy Island" in 1977.

Played Toni Cooper in "The Love Boat" in 1977.

Played Martha McVea in "Charlie Cobb: Nice Night for a Hanging" in 1977.

Played Verna Stewart in "The Jordan Chance" in 1978.

Played Marilyn Magnesun in "Cruise Into Terror" in 1978.

Played Amelia Crusoe in "The Manitou" in 1978.

Performed in "The Eddie Capra Mysteries" in 1978.

Played Edyth in "Friendships, Secrets and Lies" in 1979.

Played Dr.Fleming in "Hart to Hart" in 1979.

Played Louise Crawford in "The French Atlantic Affair" in 1979.

Played Lucy in "Supertrain" in 1979.

Played herself in "Nashville Remembers Elvis on His Birthday" in 1980.

Played Lute-Mae Sanders in "Flamingo Road" in 1980.

Played herself in "The Alan Thicke Show" in 1980.

Played Deidre Price in "Make Me an Offer" in 1980.

Played Sherry Malik in "Children of Divorce" in 1980.

Played Carolyn Moore in "Twirl" in 1981.

Played herself in "Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny" in 1982.

Played Mrs.Doctor Graves in "Wacko" in 1982.

Played Clover McKenna in "Matt Houston" in 1982.

Played Erica Chase in "Newhart" in 1982.

Played Shelly in "Ladies Night" in 1983.

Played Rita DeLaine in "Hotel" in 1983.

Played Captain Taylor in "Chained Heat" in 1983.

Played Lt.Janet Alexander in "Women of San Quentin" in 1983.

Played Phyllis Blake in "Santa Barbara" in 1984.

Played Stella in "Highway to Heaven" in 1984.

Played Kathryn Lundquist in "Amazons" in 1984.

Played Sally Mestin in "Murder, She Wrote" in 1984.

Played Irene Danbury in "Night Court" in 1984.

Played Georgia Brooks in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in 1985.

Played Margo in "Monster in the Closet" in 1986.

Played Nicki Dixon in "The Longshot" in 1986.

Played herself in "The New Hollywood Squares" in 1986.

Performed in "The History of White People in America: Volume II" in 1986.

Played Mrs.Loretta Kimble in "Adventures Beyond Belief" in 1987.

Played Joey Day in "Man Against the Mob" in 1988.

Played Georgia Farren in "In the Heat of the Night" in 1988.

Played Sandra Summers in "Jake Spanner, Private Eye" in 1989.

Played Sophia in "Down the Drain" in 1990.

Played Lyla Murphy in "Dream On" in 1990.

Played Mrs.Morton in "Silk Stalkings" in 1991.

Played Beverly Hills in "Mom" in 1991.

Played Kara in "The Terror Within II" in 1991.

Played Betty in "Last Call" in 1991.

Played Donna DeVries in "The Commish" in 1991.

Played herself in "Playboy Playmates: The Early Years" in 1992.

Played Muffy Fuller in "Dangerous Curves" in 1992.

Played Sonny Moore in "Exiled in America" in 1992.

Played Amanda Sixkiller in "Renegade" in 1992.

Played Mrs.Robinson in "The Nutt House" in 1992.

Played Margaret Lang in "Highlander" in 1992.

Played Doc in "Eye of the Stranger" in 1993.

Played Nancy in "South Beach" in 1993.

Played Herself - Cohost in "The International Magic Awards" in 1993.

Played Frannie Sibley in "Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III" in 1994.

Played Susan in "Hard Drive" in 1994.

Played Lawanda in "Attack of the 5 Ft.2 Women" in 1994.

Played Cicily in "Illicit Dreams" in 1994.

Played herself in "The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen" in 1995.

Played Lou Ann in "Phantasmagoria" in 1995.

Played Emma in "Marker" in 1995.

Played Granny in "The Granny" in 1995.

Played Fran Sibley in "Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure" in 1995.

Played Mary in "Virtual Combat" in 1995.

Played Suzie Dupree in "Nash Bridges" in 1996.

Played Hotel Keeper in "In Cold Blood" in 1996.

Played Lorraine in "Viper" in 1996.

Played Mrs.Beecham in "Subliminal Seduction" in 1996.

Played Mrs.March in "Star Hunter" in 1996.

Played Mrs.Herbert Pringle in "Invisible Mom" in 1996.

Played Gail Regent in "Bikini Hotel" in 1997.

Played Natalie Parris in "The Christmas List" in 1997.

Played herself in "Reel to Reel" in 1998.

Played herself in "Backstory" in 2000.

Played herself in "The Magic of Thailand" in 2000.

Played Doreen Krudup in "Strip Mall" in 2000.

Played Linda Rogo in "Chump Change" in 2000.

Played herself in "The John Kerwin Show" in 2001.

Played Herself (Actor) in "Jim Brown: All American" in 2002.

Played herself in "The Definitive Elvis: The Hollywood Years - Part II: 1962-1969" in 2002.

Played Narrator in "Cult Culture: The Poseidon Adventure" in 2003.

Played Fiona Champyon in "The Long Ride Home" in 2003.

Played Betty in "Blessed" in 2004.

Played herself in "Jerry Lewis at Work" in 2004.

Played herself in "Living in TV Land" in 2004.

Played Mary Potter in "Hell to Pay" in 2005.

Played Henrietta in "Popstar" in 2005.

Played Joan Highsmith in "Glass Trap" in 2005.

Played Martha in "Twenty Good Years" in 2006.

Played herself in "Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure" in 2008.

Played herself in "Western Legenden - Made in Hollywood" in 2009.

Played Mary Jane in "Megaconda" in 2009.

Played herself in "Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1950s: The Golden Era of the Musical" in 2009.

Played Susie Parrish in "Ghost Wagon" in 2009.

Played Marks Mother in "Stolen Life" in 2009.

Performed in "Death Keeps Coming" in 2010.

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Stella Theodorou has: Performed in "Psilos, lignos kai pseftaros" in 1985. Performed in "O roz gatos" in 1986. Performed in "O theios apo to Texas" in 1986. Performed in "Martha: To hroniko enos viasmou" in 1986. Performed in "Akakie, ta manoulia na einai... fina" in 1988. Performed in "Moutro... to moutraki" in 1989. Performed in "I amazona tou tsirkou" in 1989. Performed in "Ena agathi sto stefani mou" in 1989.

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Related questions

When was Stella Lind born?

Stella Lind was born on September 17, 1892, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What movie and television projects has Espen Lind been in?

Espen Lind has: Played himself in "Bop Boys: The Videos" in 1998. Played himself in "Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced" in 2000. Played himself in "Senkveld med Thomas og Harald" in 2003. Played Performer in "Spellemann 2006" in 2007. Played himself in "Sommertid" in 2009.

What movie and television projects has Jane Lind been in?

Jane Lind has: Played Native American in "Wolfen" in 1981. Played Noayak in "Salmonberries" in 1991. Played Many Tears in "Return to Lonesome Dove" in 1993. Played Mother of Black Buffalo Woman in "Crazy Horse" in 1996. Played The mother in "Hunting" in 2011.

What movie and television projects has Bethany Anne Lind been in?

Bethany Anne Lind has: Played Gina in "Army Wives" in 2007. Played Judy in "Carl" in 2009. Played Assistant in "Drop Dead Diva" in 2009. Played Quinn Shinn in "Mean Girls 2" in 2011. Played Judy in "Carl" in 2012. Played Jillian in "The Echo Construct" in 2013. Played Sherry Partridge in "Crackerjack the Movie" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Aune Lind been in?

Aune Lind has: Played Yvonne in "Mies, joka otti osansa" in 1963. Played Palvelijatar ravintolassa in "Kumarrusmatka" in 1965. Performed in "Palveleva puhelin" in 1970. Played Sirkka Vainio in "Sirkka ja Sakari" in 1975. Played Vanhainkodin johtajatar in "Vanhainkotirakkautta" in 1978. Played Hoitaja in "Rakas peto" in 1979.

What movie and television projects has Eva Lind been in?

Eva Lind has: Played herself in "Nordmagazin" in 1992. Played herself in "Zauberhafte Heimat" in 1993. Played herself in "Feste der Volksmusik" in 1994. Played Herself - Host in "Strasse der Lieder" in 1995. Played herself in "Zibb" in 2003. Played herself in "Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel" in 2004.

What movie and television projects has Dagny Lind been in?

Dagny Lind has: Played Gullan Storm in "Gamla gatans karneval" in 1923. Played Elisabeth in "Lyckobarnen" in 1926. Played Ingeborg in "Kris" in 1946. Played Sigrid Bakken in "Havets son" in 1949. Played Mrs. Tornelius in "Vingslag i natten" in 1953. Played Aunt in "Rabies" in 1958. Played Alma in "Paradistorg" in 1977.

What movie and television projects has Liivika Hanstin been in?

Liivika Hanstin has: Played Siiri in "Ohtlik lend" in 2006. Played Kersti in "Kelgukoerad" in 2006. Played Anni in "Kelgukoerad" in 2006. Played Proua Lind in "Kelgukoerad" in 2006. Played Mother in "Fundamentum" in 2012.

What movie and television projects has Jenna Lind been in?

Jenna Lind has: Played Yasmin Hayek in "All Saints" in 1998. Performed in "Life Support" in 2001. Performed in "Silent Beauty" in 2007. Played Maria Muhary in "Underbelly" in 2008. Played Kath Bullock in ":30 Seconds" in 2009. Played Kore in "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" in 2010. Played Tammia in "Spider Walk" in 2011.

What movie and television projects has Lucas Lind been in?

Lucas Lind has: Played Cop in "The Young and the Restless" in 1973. Played Basketball Player in "Workaholics" in 2011. Played Hipster in "The Mindy Project" in 2012. Played Henry in "The Crazy Ones" in 2013. Played Bartender in "D-TEC: Pilot" in 2013. Played Pool Player in "Jennifer Falls" in 2014. Played CIA recruit in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" in 2014.

What movie and television projects has Anne Birgitte Lind been in?

Anne Birgitte Lind has: Played Eva in "Fede tider" in 1996. Played Escortpige in "Den attende" in 1996. Played Mille in "Rejseholdet" in 2000. Played Henriette Mertz in "Skjulte spor" in 2000. Played Signe in "Bag det stille ydre" in 2005. Played Bitten in "2900 Happiness" in 2007. Performed in "Berlinerpoplene" in 2007. Played Claudia in "Livvagterne" in 2008.

When did Stella Lind die?

frank stella died in 1897.