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Asher Brauner has: Played Translator in "Judgment at Nuremberg" in 1961. Played Sergeant Henry in "Ironside" in 1967. Played James Sperry in "Kojak" in 1973. Played C.C. in "Blood Sport" in 1973. Played Crater in "Kojak" in 1973. Played Silk in "Harry O" in 1973. Played Duke Moran in "Barnaby Jones" in 1973. Played Dominic in "The Jezebels" in 1975. Played The S.W.A.T. Team - McCoy in "Two-Minute Warning" in 1976. Played Dr. Tompkins in "Quincy M.E." in 1976. Played Mike Krasna in "Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy" in 1977. Played Buddy in "Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn" in 1977. Played Dance Partner in Bar in "The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver" in 1977. Played Officer Nick Donovan in "B.A.D. Cats" in 1980. Played Darryl Jacobs in "Magnum, P.I." in 1980. Played Jerry Adams in "Margin for Murder" in 1981. Played Lance in "The Fall Guy" in 1981. Played Rudy in "One Shoe Makes It Murder" in 1982. Played Ted in "Making Love" in 1982. Played Thrasher in "Escape from El Diablo" in 1984. Performed in "Mike Hammer" in 1984. Played Quist in "Airwolf" in 1984. Played Pat in "Jessie" in 1984. Played Edward Gibbs in "Hunter" in 1984. Played Harry Landers in "Matlock" in 1986. Played Sam Kidd in "Treasure of the Moon Goddess" in 1987. Played Mitch Denton in "Beauty and the Beast" in 1987. Performed in "Jake and the Fatman" in 1987. Played Iceman in "Jake and the Fatman" in 1987. Played Max Shane in "American Eagle" in 1989. Played Nick Drennen in "Merchants of War" in 1989. Played Dix in "Coldfire" in 1990. Played Showell in "Reasonable Doubts" in 1991. Played Harry in "Deadly Exposure" in 1993. Played Vito in "The Killer Within Me" in 2003.

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Asher Grodman has: Performed in "Girls in Bathing Suits" in 2004. Played Brett in "Mo" in 2007. Played Young Dean Marcus in "Knock Knock" in 2007. Played Bobby Sweeney in "Handsome Harry" in 2009. Played Receptionist in "BuzzKill" in 2012.

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Asher Keddie has: Played Emma in "Five Mile Creek" in 1983. Played Anna Simpson in "Glass Babies" in 1985. Played Young Girl in "Palace of Dreams" in 1985. Played Sue in "Fortress" in 1985. Played Emma Hannon in "The Last Frontier" in 1986. Performed in "Dusty" in 1988. Played Ruthie Bornstein in "Two Brothers Running" in 1988. Played Young Girl in "Snowy" in 1993. Played Shannon Rayner in "Law of the Land" in 1993. Played Susan Lehman in "The Feds: Deadfall" in 1993. Played Mandy Bailey in "Halifax f.p." in 1994. Played Lee-Anne Rheinberger in "Blue Heelers" in 1994. Played Kelly Lonsdale in "Blue Heelers" in 1994. Played Marriane Sheridan in "Blue Heelers" in 1994. Played Lisa in "Janus" in 1994. Played Karin in "The Devil Game" in 1997. Played Claire Ferrari in "State Coroner" in 1997. Played Aimee in "Good Guys Bad Guys" in 1997. Played Samantha Piper in "Stingers" in 1998. Played herself in "Inside Film Awards" in 1999. Played Melissa in "The Secret Life of Us" in 2001. Played Hope in "The Thing in the Roof" in 2002. Played Cate in "Roy Hollsdotter Live" in 2003. Played Amanda in "Alice" in 2003. Played Julia Jackson in "Love My Way" in 2004. Played Sarah in "Two Twisted" in 2005. Played Jemima in "Last Man Standing" in 2005. Played Prue Reed in "The Society Murders" in 2006. Played Ione in "Phase" in 2006. Played Elsie Jnr in "Curtin" in 2007. Played Anne in "Joanne Lees: Murder in the Outback" in 2007. Played Jacinta Burns in "Rush" in 2008. Played Liz Cruickshank in "Underbelly" in 2008. Played herself in "The 7PM Project" in 2009. Played Selina in "Possession(s)" in 2009. Played Dr. Carol Frost in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" in 2009. Played Nina Proudman in "Offspring" in 2010. Played Selina in "Possession(s)" in 2010. Played Herself - Guest in "The Circle" in 2010. Played herself in "Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight" in 2011. Played Ita Buttrose in "Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo" in 2011. Played Herself - Presenter in "2011 Samsung AACTA Awards" in 2012.

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Q: What movie and television projects has Asher Brauner been in?
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Lia Asher has: Played Co Star in "Cinematherapy" in 2001. Played Waitress in "Mercy" in 2009. Played Dancer in "WildFlower Webseries" in 2009. Performed in "Birds" in 2009. Played Screening Attendee in "Argyle" in 2011.

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What movie and television projects has Raz Cunningham been in?

Raz Cunningham has: Played Ender in "The Warriors" in 2005. Played Carter Gates in "Aegis" in 2008. Played himself in "P.J.: Behind the Camera" in 2009. Played Asher Ackerman in "Wander My Friends" in 2014. Played Ezra in "Dead" in 2014.

What movie and television projects has Jack Reiling been in?

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What movie and television projects has Brandon Elonzae been in?

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