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Q: Are you picking up what im putting down Is this a movie tv or tv commercial quote?
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What movie is the quote It's just that easy and it's just that hard from?

It's not from movie, it's from a commercial with Gwen Stefani. Whether it's her quote or not i don't know but she said it about being creative.

What movie is quote these cards are marked from?

This quote was from an M & M commercial in 1972. It is on You Tube as M & M - Go Fish. A great line that people still use today.

What is putting one quote after another in an essay without connecting them called?

“Quote collage“ APEX :)

What does the quote today the American knight holds the commercial supremacy of the world mean?

Betsy ross said the quote

What should you consider when getting a commercial mortgage quote?

When considering getting a commercial mortgage quote, you should be sure to look for the amortization period, the interest rate, and the rate you would be paying.

What movie has the quote I am the eater of worlds?

It was from a movie called "it"

What movie quote says Boorgerking Mcdownalds and Woondys?

This quote is from the movie *The Ten*, directed by David Wain, from 2007.

What movie is the quote what a lovely chocolate man quote from?

White Chicks!

From which movie is the quote 'Come in Rangoon'?

The Quote Is From the Film Called: "Beyond Rangoon"

What is another way to say line of a movie?

Movie quote. A movie quotation.

Where can one get a commercial auto insurance quote?

Most auto insurance companies also offer commercial auto insurance. You can attain an online quote online through NetQuote, Geico, or Nationwide insurance.

Can you put a movie quote on a tee shirt and sell it?

Not if you don't own the rights for the quote.