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At the time Ralph thought that he was offering Jack the consolation of being put in charge of the former choir, which Jack then decided would become hunters. Later with the perspective of hindsight Ralph may well have regretted that decision.

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Q: What mistake did Ralph make after being elected leader?
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What does Ralph do to make Jack feel better in Chapter 1?

When Ralph is elected to be chief he knows Jack is dissapointed (as Jack also wished to be chief) so he appoints Jack as leader of the choir and asks him what he wants them to be, to which Jack replies, "hunters."

Explain the exchange of power at the beginning of chapter 8?

Jack accused Ralph of not being fit to be a leader. He then asked the boys if they should fire Ralph as chief, but no one responds. Jack runs off crying and says that he is not going to be a part of Ralph's group anymore

What is causing the friction between Ralph and Jack?

There is always an underlying conflict between Ralph and Jack, primarily on Jack's part. Jack has always been use to being in command of his choir and resents the fact that a group of children for whom he holds no regard or respect elected Ralph into a position of power which he coveted. Later as Ralph, aided only by Simon, attempts to build a third shelter for the use of all the boys he shows his own resentment towards Jack when he says... "They work for five minutes and then wander off or go hunting." Implying that while Jack his having fun hunting he is stuck doing routine and thankless but necessary tasks. The division becomes even wider after the signal fire is allowed to go out and Ralph begins to accept that Jack not only wants his position as chief but that Jack actually hates him too.

How was the conflict between Jack and Ralph resolved?

If you're talking about the conflict in the beginning of the book concerning who gets to be leader, it was resolved when Ralph allowed Jack to be the leader of the hunters. If you're talking the conflict between the two characters of Jack being savage and Ralph trying to stay civilized, it is never resolved but it is ended when SPOILER ALERT the ship comes and rescues them. You are probably wanting the answer for the conflict in leadership (the first one).

Explain the exchange of power at the beginning of chapter 8 in lord of the flies?

Jack accuses Ralph of not being fit to be the leader and asks the boys if they want Jack fired as chief, but no one responds to him. He runs off crying and saying that he is no longer going to be part of Ralph's group.

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What is Ralph first act upon being elected leader?

After being elected leader in "Lord of the Flies," Ralph's first act is to assign specific tasks to the group of boys in order to establish some order and organization on the island. This demonstrates his leadership qualities and his desire to maintain a sense of civilization.

What does Ralph do to ease Jack's disappointment over not being chosen a leader?

Ralph tries to comfort Jack by offering him a position as leader of the hunters and including him in decision-making. He reassures Jack that he values his skills and contributions to the group.

What is Ralph's first act of being elected leader?

Ralph's first act of being elected leader in "Lord of the Flies" is to organize a meeting with the boys to establish rules for their new society. He prioritizes building a signal fire to attract potential rescuers and creates a system for granting the conch shell to those who have the right to speak during meetings.

What does Ralph do to make Jack feel better in Chapter 1?

When Ralph is elected to be chief he knows Jack is dissapointed (as Jack also wished to be chief) so he appoints Jack as leader of the choir and asks him what he wants them to be, to which Jack replies, "hunters."

How does Ralph reclaim his position as chief?

Ralph reclaims his position as chief by uniting the boys against Jack's tyranny, appealing to their sense of civilization and order. He also uses Piggy's intellect and wisdom to present a strong case against Jack's rule, ultimately winning back the majority's support.

How did Jack overcome Ralph's reign in the novel Lord of the Flies?

jack overcomes Ralph by making his own group of people and being the leader of his group

What negative things does Jack say to try and turn the boys against Ralph?

Jack criticizes Ralph's leadership skills, calls him a coward for not hunting, and accuses him of not caring about the boys' safety. He also undermines Ralph's authority by questioning his decisions and highlighting his lack of hunting prowess.

How do the boys react to Ralph being replaced as leader how does jack respond?

The boys show mixed reactions to Ralph being replaced as leader: some are loyal to Ralph, while others are swayed by Jack's charisma and power. Jack responds by asserting his authority and using fear tactics to maintain control over the group. He becomes more authoritarian and aggressive in his leadership style.

How has ralphs position of leadership and authority changed since the beginning of the story?

Ralph's position of leadership has evolved from being elected as the group's leader to facing opposition and challenges from Jack and his followers. As the story progresses, Ralph struggles to maintain order and unity among the boys, leading to a loss of authority and control over the group. His leadership is ultimately weakened as the boys become increasingly divided and chaotic.

How does politics play into the book Lord of the Flies?

There is a mention that the boys were being evacuated from England, which was apparently engaged in some imagined future nuclear war against "The reds." This conflict is mirrored on the island when the fascist dictatorship ruled over by Jack topples the democratically elected Ralph from his rightful position as leader.

What does piggy do when Ralph slashes him with water Lord of the flies?

After Ralph slashes Piggy with water, Piggy yells at him for being unkind and immature. Piggy also criticizes Jack for becoming ruthless and embracing violence as a leader.

What symbolized that Ralph was a natural leader?

Ralph's ability to remain calm and composed under pressure, his focus on the collective well-being of the group, and his willingness to take on responsibility demonstrate his natural leadership qualities in the story.