What makes you feel safe?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what makes me feel safe is: my family, the lord, and my house.

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Q: What makes you feel safe?
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What makes you safe?

what makes me feel safe is: my family, the lord, and my house.

How does home make you feel?

Home makes me feel at ease .It makes me comfortable with everything I do .It makes me feel happy and safe .Because a HOME is filled with LOVE . :)

What makes children feel safe?

Children feel safe when they have a stable and loving home, when they have parents and family that love them.

Why is money so important to men?

It's a security thing -- it makes them feel safe if they have it. It's also a status symbol -- it makes them feel important if they have alot of it.

Is dove soap safe?

Yes very soft. it makes your skin feel silky.

How do you make a dog feel safe?

Petting it, showing it lots of love, giving him treats, playing with him. I know you're thinking this just makes a dog feel happy, but guess what, happy dogs feel safe and where they belong.

Why do you surround yourself with belongings?

I think it makes people feel safe and significant/unique because of what they own.

Why do people feel the need to have a home alarm?

People feel they need to have a home alarm because it makes them feel safe. This is especially true for areas that are urban or have a high crime rate.

What makes people with Aspergers feel safe?

Having a good friend who understands and accepts them. I was lucky to find that friend.

Do girls fancy tall boys?

Yes, of course they do. With their height it makes girls feel protected. and safe from harm

Why do brids fly south for the winter?

They fly south in the winter because it is warmer and makes them feel safe! <3

What if people do not wet the bed is it ok if they wear a diaper?

Yes you can feel safe if it makes you comfortable to wear a diaper