What makes me feel insecure?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jealousy is the thing that makes you feel insecure.

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Q: What makes me feel insecure?
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Why would a guy break up with you even though he loves you but feel insecure?

You need to find out why he feels insecure and if you love him you need to reassure him of your love. If you are doing something that makes him insecure in the relationship, you should stop doing it if it is damaging your relationship.

What lacking in confidence do you feel when you are with a stranger?


Why would your boyfriend lie and say that a supermodel like chick was hitting on him when she never did?

He may feel insecure, therefore he may feel by telling you lies, it makes him feel better about himself and alot more securer.

What do you do when your girlfriend is insecure?

You boost her confidence! complement her all the time and make her feel good.

How do you use insecure in a sentence?

If I do not have a substantial amount of money in the bank, I feel insecure.My door was insecure so had to get it replaced

What makes emotional abuse serious?

Well it's serious because it hurts the person inside. It makes them feel insecure about themselves. Abuse is a big problem. Through cyber, emotionally, physically, mentally.

Why are some people jealous of everything?

Because there insecure which means they usually don't feel good about themselves so they try to make others feel bad about them so the insecure person can feel better about his or herself

Why do dogs bark when they see strangers?

because they feel insecure

Why you feel insecure from others and how to battle it?

I'm guessing this person who's making you feel insecure is a bully. Nobody likes making people feel insecure but bullies. If they aren't a bully, they don't want you to feel insecure, so talk to them and say "No affence, but I feel insecure arround you, so seems as you (and say what they do that makes you insecure), you should stop." and they will hopefully understand and try to help you feel more secure. On the other hand, if they are a bully, walk right up to the bully and say:"You know what? I'VE HAD ENOUGH! Why are you like this? WHY are you such a bully? Bullies aren't nice, SO YOU AREN'T NICE! Some day, you're going to realise you need to stop bullying and look on the bright side of life! Whatever makes you a bully, shouldn't be happening! So talk to the person making you a bully and tell them WHAT they are doing to make you feel bad! After you'vve done that, you'll feel much better!! And (say the names of the followers) only follow you because THEY DON'T WANT TO GET BULLIE THEMSELF! So GO and tell them, go! When you turn up tomorrow morning, you better be a better person!". Imagine saying that to them. Imagine their face when that zooms out your mouth! They willl feel SO shallow, they won't be able to say anything!Hope this helped!

How is being judgemental protective?

Being judgemental is NOT protective as some think, many who are judgemental are insecure about themselves. And want to have someone else to "pick" on which makes them feel "better" by humiliating and making someone else feel worse.

Why does your boyfriend accuse you of cheating?

He is insecure and not sure of the way you feel towards him.

Why would someone bully another person?

Here are a few reasons why one would bully another: * To feel superior * Because they are insecure about themselves and making another feel this way allows them to feel better. * It is what they were taught to do. * They believe it will gain them friends. * It makes them feel worth something. * Because they are psychologically damaged or bullied themselves.