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She talked or sing the "Hush Little Baby" lullaby song

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Q: What lullaby does Annie talk to the doll?
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What two phrases does Annie teach Helen by letting Helen feel Annie's face?

Annie teaches Helen the signs for "water" and "doll" by letting Helen feel her face and then making Helen feel a water pump and a doll.

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What is Helen Kellers favorite doll?

Helen Keller's favorite doll was named Miss Pinkerton. She cherished this doll greatly as it was a gift from her teacher and mentor, Anne Sullivan. Helen even refers to Miss Pinkerton in her autobiography, "The Story of My Life."

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What was the gift given to Annie by the Perkins Institute children?

Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher, was given a doll as a gift by the Perkins Institute children. This doll held great significance to Annie as it symbolized her own childhood and helped her connect with Helen on a personal level.

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