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I depends to which forest you are referring. If you mean Mirkwood, then the other side of the forest is where the Long Lake, the River Running, the Desolation of Smaug and the Lonely Mountain are.

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Q: What lies on the other side of the forest from the Hobbit?
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How was The Hobbit helpful when crossing the river in The Hobbit?

His eyesight was better than the dwarves. He was able to see the boat on the other side of the river.

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What is the main idea of 'The Hobbit'?

The main idea of "The Hobbit" is Bilbo finding an adventurous side of himself that he got from his mother, Took's side.

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What is ironic about the arrangement of the Armies for the battle in The Hobbit?

Although the Elves and Dwarfs hate each other, they are fighting for the same "side".

Why did the elf cross the street?

To get to the enchanted forest on the other side.

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How was The Hobbit helpful in crossing the river?

It was Bilbo's keen eyesight that spotted the boat on the other side of the river. They were able to catch it with a hook and rope and pull it over to their side.

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How many teams were in The Hobbit war?

It is called the Battle of the Five Armies. There were men, elves, and dwarves on ones side, helped by the eagles and Beorn. The other side were the goblins and the wargs.

What allies join the elves In The Hobbit?

The Battle of Five Armies have the elves, dwarves and men on one side. The other side is the goblins and wargs. The eagles and Beorn also participate.

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