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Justin Bihag crashed his car in the early hours of the morning in 2007, his injuries were very severe. Doctor's did their best to save his leg and initially attempted to reconstruct it but it didn't work so it was amputated. He now where's a prosthetic leg.

He still occasionally joins in on bounty hunts but spends most of his time focusing on launching his music career.

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He broke his foot not his leg.

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Selena Gomez ran over him

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Q: What leg did Justin Bieber break?
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What year did Justin bieber break his leg?

Justin Bieber fractured his leg in the year of 2009

What did Justin Bieber break when danced?

he broke his leg

What did Justin Bieber brake when he was dancing on a stage?

Justin Bieber broke his leg when he was on stage Taylor Swift was there and said break a ''LEG''

Did Justin bieber break a kids leg?

No he didn't why would he do that.

What did Justin Bieber break while dancing on stage?

he broke his leg if justin bieber fan like i am u u would know

What did Justin Bieber break while singing on stage with Taylor Swift?

Justin Bieber broke his leg while singing with Taylor Swift. :(

Did Justin Bieber get a tattoo on his leg?

i think justin bieber got his tattoo on his leg i love u justin bieber

What did Justin beiber brake while dancing?

Justin Bieber was performing at the concert and Taylor Swift was there and said break a ''LEG''

Which leg has Justin Bieber break?

He did not break is leg.He broke is foot onstage. And he broke his leftfoot.Justin Beiber broke his right leg. But still sang at his concert!

What is wrong with Justin bieber's right leg?

he fracturd his foot . he was with Taylor swift and she told him to break a leg but he "broke" his foot instead.

When did Justin Bieber brake his leg?

Justin bieber broke his leg at Taylor swifts concert when he was the opening act

How did Justin Bieber break his leg in 2010?

he didn't. he broke his foot when he tripped on stage at a concert with Taylor Swift