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Q: What language is the music piece Gaude Maria Virgo in?
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What was Julie Andrews role in sound of music?

Maria Von Trapp, the lead character, for all intensive purposes.

What kind of music did Juan Maria Solare compose?

Juan Maria Solare is a composer and pianist. The type of music he composes is considered to be Tango music, and he is considered to be a master at what he does.

Does music have a language?

Yes, Music Has A message Inside the music expresses the Composer/ artists Language

Who is maria in sound of music?

Julie Andrews.

When was Native Language Music created?

Native Language Music was created in 1996.

What is the name of the sound of music heroine?

Maria Rainer who later becomes Maria von Trapp.

Maria Clara folk dance example photo?

music of maria Clara folk dance

Who's the actress in the All Time Low Dear Maria music video?

Maria Salame

How music considered to be a common language?

Music is considered to be a common language because music appeals to human emotion. Common emotions are experienced in every language.

Where can i find sheep music for Koshif's Ave Maria?

I think you mean Kofta, not Koshif. Actually I meant Tolga Kashif's Ave Maria sheet music.

Why was the sound of music written?

So that everyone else could enjoy the music as the composer was able to envision it in his/her mind. Music is the international language of the world.

What was the name of the childrens teacher in The Sound of Music?