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The Hunger Games takes place in a post-apocalyptic world

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Q: What kind of setting does the Hunger Games take place in?
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Is the Hunger Games or Harry Potter better?

I believe that both are amazing, both have interesting meanings and storys.. but harry potter is more interesting,, i think that jk rowling took alot more in plotting an while you read all the books each one connects to the other ! i actually think that harry potter is better, and that its more of 'one of a kind' than hunger games , also Harry potter has been there since the 90's and its a life changing story.. my opinion : HARRY POTTER (:

What was Prim skill in The Hunger Games?

Prim was never in the hunger games. Katniss volunteered for her in the reaping

Is survival a theme in The Hunger Games?

Could be. The book tells of how Katniss survived after her father was killed in the mines. How she survived and helped her family to survive. Also the Hunger Games it self is about survival, the last person alive being the victor. Survival is a main theme in The Hunger Games.

What kind of bow did Katniss use in the Hunger Games?

In the beginning of her private training session, it mentions that when she picks up the bow, she finds that the Capitol's bows don't pull back as far as the one she uses does and needs to adjust to that. In the beginning of the Hunger Games, the Gamemakers set out a silver colored bow with a sheath of arrows to tempt her into the Cornucopi. Later in the Hunger Games, after Katniss drops the bee's nest on the Careers, she retreives the bow and arrows from Glimmer's dead body, who was the one that grabbed it at the Cornucopia. I hope that helped :)

What kind of food did katniss blow up in the hunger games?

Since she knew that the Careers weren't used to dealing with hunger, she blew up their food to eliminate it as one of their food sources. This would make them weaker and easier to kill.

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What kind of search would be used to find the book titled Hunger Games?

Search 'The Hunger Games Book'

What kind of series is The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games is a futuristic dystopian young adult science fiction trilogy.

What is prim's personality in the hunger games?

Shy kind

What kind of power does president snow have in the hunger games?

an awesome one

What kind of book is hunger games?

Fiction/Survival/Young Adult

How is Katniss affected by taking her sisters place in The Hunger Games?

She is affected very greatly because she really expected she was going to die and she kind of embraced it and thought it was all worth it by saving the life of her sister to whom she loved so dearly. ~HUnger games #1 Fan :)

What kind of flowers did Katniss put on Rue in The Hunger Games?

Wildflowers THanks for listening, love a super super super super hunger games fan :D

What kind of berries killed Fox face in the Hunger Games?

Nightlock Berries :)

What kind of books does Jaden Smith like?

Jaden likes The Hunger Games

What is the setting for kissed by an angel?

angel kind of place

What does dystopia mean in The Hunger Games book?

Dystopia kind of means different from how our world is. So in The Hunger Games, it is Panem.

What kind of economic system are described in the Hunger Games?

planned or command economic system