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10W30 engine oil

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Q: What kind of oil required for a coleman powermate 1850 generator?
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Coleman generator 1850 spark plug gap?

The Coleman PM 1850 manual calls for a spark plug gap of 0.028" (0.6-0.7 mm). Mike

What spark plug gap do you use for a Coleman Power mate 1850 generator?


Can a run a Coleman 1850 generator outside in freezing rain?

As long as the oil is appropiate for the weather (look up mfg required oil for the temperature that you want to use it in)there should be no problem.

What spark gap to use on a Coleman Power-mate 1850 Pulse generator?

Set gap at .030

Will Coleman 1850 power mate pulse generator power a sump pump?

Yes it will power a small sump pump.

How do you change the oil on a Coleman Pulse 1850 generator?

Just below the yellow oil fill caps on each side of the Coleman, there is a square looking bolt. Remove that to drain the oil, but be sure to place a dish or container underneath to drain the old oil into. Screw the bolt back in and pour fresh oil into the filler cap, and check for any leaks.

What has the author Derita Coleman Williams written?

Derita Coleman Williams has written: 'The art and mystery of Tennessee furniture and its makers through 1850' -- subject(s): Cabinetmakers, Furniture, History

Can you power your sump pump with Coleman power mate 1850 generator pulse?

I have a coleman 1850 pulse generator that ran my sump pump rated at 9amps and 115 volts for at least 12 hours straight during Irene. During the peak of water flow the sump was kicking on every other minute for several hours. When the sump well started to take 2 hours to fill I switched the extension cord over to my refridgerator which ran with no problem. I can only hope that it holds up for Sandy! After Sandy, I plan on getting a larger generator in the range of 7500 watts with surge capacity of 9000 watts. 2 neighbors paid $500 for an electrician to install an exterior hook up which will tap into your existing circuit box and can power the whole house with the exception of the washer and dryer, but sump, fridge and furnace will have plenty of power with reserve for small stuff like lights, tv's etc.

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