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I don't know what kind but I do know what instruments they played. They played water drums and flutes.

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Q: What kind of music did the Eastern Woodlands have?
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What kind of weather did the eastern woodlands have?

i ndong

What kind of houses did Eastern woodlands Indians have?


What kind of houses did the Eastern woodlands have?

They had long houses and wigwams

What kind of region did the hopewell Indians live in?

Eastern Woodlands Region

What kind of clothing did the eastern woodlands use?

yes they did have special ceremonies

Where is the eastern woodlands location?

The eastern woodlands is in the eastern part of the United States.

What kind of clothes did eastern woodlands Indians wear?

i dont know you tell me

What did eastern woodlands do for fun?

woodlands are a type of forested area. eastern woodlands are woodlands near the eastern side of the country. pretty self-explanatory. woodland are not people.

Did the eastern woodlands play a game similar to lacrosse?

Eastern woodlands

What did eastern woodlands eat?

Eastern woodlands eat rabbits,bears,and deer. (animals)

What did the Eastern Woodlands trade the Hopis for?

The eastern woodlands traded fur and weapons and food.

Where did native American who spoke Algonquian live?

The Eastern Woodlands