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Q: What kind of car does cobra own in the movie the zookeeper?
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What kind of snake can you find in cars?

a car-cobra I'm joking its a king cobra.

What kind of car did Nick Jonas get for his 16th birthday?

Nick Jonas' car is a classic 1968 Ford Mustang Cobra.

What kind of car are cobra wheels designed for?

Cobra wheels are designed for Mustangs, but if one is adventurous they can be used for other sports cars. Cobra wheels range in price from relatively inexpensive upwards to almost $2000 or more.

What kind of car is in the movie 'The Car'?

It is a made-up movie car. Underneath, it's a 1971 Lincoln.

Is there a car named Cobra?

Yes, there is a Ford Mustang Cobra and a Ford Shelby Cobra also known as an AC Cobra.

What kind of car was in the movie the man?

I cannot remember

What kind of car is the king in the movie cars?


What kind of car was in the movie a man and a woman?


Can a cobra snake out run a car?


Which is faster 2002 jaguar or 2004 mustang cobra?

mustang cobra.........because a jaguar is a lugery car and a mustang is a sports car.

What Kind of car was francesco bernoulli in cars2 movie?

An open wheel race car

What kind of sport car was in movie wild grass?

it was a jeep