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Yes, there is a Ford Mustang Cobra and a Ford Shelby Cobra also known as an AC Cobra.

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Q: Is there a car named Cobra?
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What years did ford make the mustang cobra?

The original Cobra was based on the English Sports Car the AC Ace. Carroll Shelby powered the original "Cobra"with the new 260 c.i. Ford small block in 1962, the car was introduced at the Auto Show in Texas, it was a hit and several orders were placed for the car. The next Cobra model was powered by a highly tuned 305 h.p. 289 HiPo. Later versions were powered by the 427 c.i. Ford FE big block, this model was named the Cobra SC, Super Cobra. The Cobra was built through 1966.

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The word shelby is commonly used as someones name. but other uses for it escape me. there is a car called the shelby cobra but it is named after its designer a guy named shelby.

Can a cobra snake out run a car?


What kind of snake can you find in cars?

a car-cobra I'm joking its a king cobra.

Which is faster 2002 jaguar or 2004 mustang cobra?

mustang cobra.........because a jaguar is a lugery car and a mustang is a sports car.

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The enemy is named Cobra.

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Cobra Electronics Corporation is a company with a cobra logo. The company sells a great variety of car related products, and is one of the few companies that has a cobra logo.

Which car is named after a snake?

The AC Cobra is named after a poisonous snake. These cafrs have massive engines, extra fat tires and extra strong bodies for driving at high speed. Cobras make superb race cars.

What was the metal used in the body of the shelby cobra car?


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50 Mercury customized.

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