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Regular steel BBs- they are .177 caliber.

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Q: What kind of BBs does a red ryder take?
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What do red ryder guns shoot plastic metal?

The classic Red Ryder is a BB gun that shoots metal .177 caliber BBs.

Would all kinds of BB's work in a Red Ryder?

Most, if not all Red Ryder BB guns use .177 size BBs.

How many BBs does a red rider BB gun hold?

There has been over a dozen Red Ryder models made over the years along with several different capacities for each model. The current model holds 650 BBs.

What kind of bb gun wanted in the christmas story?

Red Ryder BB gun .

What became of actor Red Ryder?

Red Ryder was played by several different actors: Don 'Red' Barry, "Wild Bill" Elliott and Allan (Rocky) Lane portrayed Red Ryder along with Jim Bannon as Red Ryder in the movies.

What is the value of a circa 1957 red ryder bb gun never fired with original chrome bbs?

The condition of the BB rifle determines the value. What condition is it in. Is it still in the box? There are about a dozen different versions of the Red Ryder. Which one is yours? is it a "NO 40 model 111 or is it a 1938 model. Does it have plastic or is it made of wood. All this information is necessary if you want an estimate of value.

Who made red Ryder?

Stephen Slesinger created Red Ryder in 1938 for the comics

What is the duration of Adventures of Red Ryder?

The duration of Adventures of Red Ryder is 3.52 hours.

When was Adventures of Red Ryder created?

Adventures of Red Ryder was created on 1940-06-28.

What is the name of red ryder's horse?

Red Ryder's horse is named Thunder. Bob

When was Red Ryder BB Gun created?

Red Ryder BB Gun was created in 1938.

What price of red ryder bb gun?

Typically the Red Ryder sells for around $30 - $35