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Both,BECAUSE They Kind Of Have The Same Personality

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Q: Who is stronger red venom or black venom?
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Red venom is stronger because black venom's webs are strong but not as strong so its more of a chance red venom would win in a fight. Red venom has more stamina and strength.?

Red Venom is actually called Carnage, and is a mix of Venom and Spider Man's DNA. In some comics, Carnage can sap someone's life-force and kill them by touching them. So it depends on which comics universe you are talking about.

Who is stronger venom or carnage?

Carnage is stronger because he can lift heavy things and if you hurt him he will heel easily

Is Mother Gothel stronger than Venom?

No. Venom is stronger.

What is the poisonous snake rhyme about red on black friend?

Red and black venom lack, red and yellow,kill a fellow.

What does Red to yellow on a snake mean?

red and yellow kill a fellow red and black venom lack

What is the saying about an coral snake?

"Red on yellow, kill a fellow. Red on black, venom lack." An alternate phrase for the latter is "Red on black, friend of Jack."

Coral snake what is the key phrase?

Referring to the coloured bands... Red touches yellow - kill a fellow. Red touches black - venom lack. The order of the bands on a Coral snake is red, yellow, black, yellow. With the harmless king snake it's red, black, yellow, black.

Who is older venom or carnage?

The Venom symbiote (Black) is older because it is considered the father of the Carnage symbiote. When the symbiote was blasted into space in the comics, it asexually reproduced meaning it duplicated its genetic structure, thus producing the Carnage symbiote. Despite Carnage being stronger then Venom, Venom is considered older than Carnage.

What is the long term effects of red bellied black snake venom?

30 to50years

What does neutrotoxin venom do?

makes you stronger

Identify coral snake phrase?

Red touches yellow, kill a fellow. Red touches black, venom lack.

When identifying a coral snake is what is the key pharse to remember?

red on yellow kill a fellow. red on black venom lack.