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on Kingdom Hearts 1 i have no clue but on Kingdom Hearts 2 after you beat sephiroth go talk to cloud and he will give you a keyblade called Fenrir

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Fenrir! It's the strongest keyblade in the game

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Q: What keyblade do you get after you beat Sephiroth?
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How do you get sephiroth's sword for Sora for a keyblade?

Beat Sephiroth also its Cloud's sword you get not Sephiroth's

How do you get the fenrir keyblade in kingdom hearts 2?

Beat Sephiroth

How do you get the keyblade one winged angle in kindgom hearts?

You Beat Sephiroth

What keyblade do you get when you defeat Sephiroth?

When you defeat Sephiroth, Tifa gives you the Fenrir Keyblade.

What happens when you beat sephiroth in kingdom hearts 1?

You just get exp points, there is no video or anything afterwards which sucks

What would happen if Sephiroth got the keyblade like he wanted?

Sephiroth could never have the Keyblade. Remember when Sora gave Jack the key and he did that trick? Not only that but Sephiroth is a being of darkness, with a weak heart at that.

How do you get the finrir keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2?

In order to obtain the Fenrir keyblade, you must defeat Sephiroth.

How do you get the fenrir keyblade in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

Tifa Lockheart gives you the Fenrir Keyblade after you defeat Sephiroth.

What keyblade did sephiroth give to Sora in kingdomhearts 2?


What is Fenrir on Kingdom Hearts 2?

Fenrir is a keyblade that resembles Cloud's buster sword with the bandages on it. When you beat Sephiroth in Radiant Garden, Tifa gives you the Keychain for it.

Where to fing hidden keyblades on kingdom hearts 2?

There are no hidden keyblades. Most of them you unlock on each level. If you have enough materials, you could synthesize the ultima weapon. And another keyblade you can unlock is when you face Sephiroth. If you beat him, you get the Fenrir keyblade.

How do you get combo minus in Kingdom Hearts 2?

beat sephiroth and you'll get the fenrir keyblade, it's ability is negative combo. you can get the other one just by leveling up