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riviver seed's, sleep seed's,stun seed,s and A FIGHTING TYPE
To beat darkrai use a quick seed a doom seed and lots of oran berries just incase bring a lot of reviver seed you can get reviver seeds in keckleon shop or missions if your lucky enough you can get them in dungeons and you have to learn the move solarbeam its power ful if you use the doom seed.

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First of all you NEED to destroy his minions to beat him. and you might think it's hard because when you hit him it's 0 points but you need to defeat his friends minions before you attack him please answer if I'm wrong and my rate also tell me the right answer if I'm wrong I'm sorry if I am.

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if you mean sephiroth, then get a bunch of elixers and get to like level 78

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Q: How do you beat the dark star?
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