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The 2009 movie "Middle Men" starred Luke Wilson as a porn movie executive who comes under FBI scruntiny after he establishes an online distribution and billing system. This was loosely based on the real life of porn producer Christopher Mallick.

Far from being a blockbuster, the $20 million USD movie garnered mixed reviews and earned less than $1 million at the box office. It was considered a major flop despite having a respected cast including James Caan and Gabriel Macht.

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Christopher Mallick of Epassporte a.k.a. Oxymoron Entertainment has a judgement against him for millions of dollars of his epassporte customers missing money. Apparently he confessed judgement. The money went "missing" from the ePassporte master account about the time Mallick "produced" this film. The true story appears to be one of misappropriation of funds, a botched film that supposedly lost nearly all of its investment, and the so far hidden truth about where the customer monies actually went.

An interesting sidenote: It is well understood that the Film industry is sometimes used by overnight "producers" to launder ill gotten money.

Another lawsuit for nearly $15 Million has been filed against Christopher Mallick as well guessed it....Fraud. An offshore lender claims Christopher Mallick borrowed the money by misrepresenting his net worth and the purpose of the loan. Mallick now claims the money is gone and he can't pay it back.

Christopher Mallick wanted to make an entertaining movie and make himself look good. The end.

When this movie was showing, Mallick was the Owner of a Payment Processing Company called Epassporte, where his customers loaded money onto a VISA Debit Card. Mallicks company added a feature called the "EWALLET". Those funds customers stored there appear to have "vanished" about the time the $30 Million dollar movie that he says he paid for himself came out..

Account holders' funds had exclusively been held at one bank-SKNA, which fell under Visa's oversight- ePassporte began encouraging its customers to wire their funds to first one then another non-Visa-accredited bank on the nearby island of Curaçao. In September 2010, the designated bank was United International Bank (UIB), where ePassporte's managing director, Gregory Elias, sat on the supervisory board. Much of the online furor, and many of the unsubstantiated claims of malfeasance (Mallick denies any wrongdoing or misappropriation of funds), center on this banking move.

He can't explain why Visa abruptly terminated its relationship with ePassporte

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Q: What is true story of the movie middlemen?
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