Is the movie wisegal true

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was inspired by a true story.

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Q: Is the movie wisegal true
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When was Wisegal created?

Wisegal was created on 2008-03-15.

What are the ratings and certificates for Wisegal - 2008 TV?

Wisegal - 2008 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Portugal:M/12

Is and then she was gone a true movie?

Yes it is a true movie

Is radio a true movie?

no it is not a true move

Was Charles farmer really a true movie?

Yes. The Charles Farmer movie is a true movie. I just wathced it on tv.

Is Haunted Changi Movie True?

partly true

Is there a movie on Carmen winstead story?

yes the movie is from the movie the ring and if the movie is not true then the story is not true Movie on TopRater:

What movie and television projects has Louca Tassone been in?

Louca Tassone has: Played Kid in "ReGenesis" in 2004. Played Azzam Sinclair in "The State Within" in 2006. Played Boy in "Hungarian Salami" in 2007. Played Young Joey in "Wisegal" in 2008. Played Young Simon in "Adoration" in 2008.

Is the movie apocalypto a historicaly correct movie?

Apocalypto was combination of both. Fact and faction both were merged in it. No movie is entirely factual, unless it is a documentary. "Based on a true story" means that some of it is true and some of it is not true. "Inspired by a true story" means that virtually none of it is true. Again, no movie is "fact," unless it is a documentary.

Is shaolin a true movie?

It is just a Martial Arts movie.

Is the movie Someone Else's Child based on a true story?

Yes but some of the movie wasn't true

Is the movie Free state of Jones a true story?

Yes it is true.