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Q: What is true gender of Lady Gaga?
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What was Lady Gaga's gender?

100% Female.

Who is better lady gaga or Christina Aguilera?

No, they are not. When asked about Lady Gaga, Auilera claimed not to know if they were a man or a woman. This helped get Lady Gaga a great deal of publicity and gave rise to many rumors about Lady Gaga's true gender. Yes they are. Lady Gaga is a character Christina invented much like Garth Brooks invented Chris Gaines. They are the same person!

Do Lady Gaga like boys and girls?

Yes, Lady Gaga is bi-sexual, which means that she is intrested in both the male and female gender.

If Lady Gaga does not have a penis what was that thing?

yes it is true that lady gaga is a female but has male body parts we dont know where but it is posobly true

What color was Lady Gaga's hair before it was beached?

the true color of the hair of Lady GaGa is color black

I've heard people say Lady Gaga is a boy and a girl. Is this true?

Lady Gaga is in fact a girl/woman

Is it true that lady gaga will arrived 116 countries to spread Illuminati?

No, Lady Gaga being the Illuminati is the most idiotic rumour ever.

Is it true that lady gaga used to live in a car?


Is it true that Lady Gaga is a theatre major?

i have no clue but sure

Is it true that Lady Gaga is dead?

not yet, but Amy Winehouse is!!

Does Lady Gaga have a bullying campaign?

Yes. More accurately, Lady Gaga has an anti bullying campaign.i wonder if thats true.......... reply peoples

Is it true that Lady GaGa stuck up her middle finger up in a concert?

that is not true :)