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Contact the equipment manufacturer or your parents for more information.

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Q: What is the universal code to unlock parental control programs?
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How do you remove parental block on a sony tv?

4357 is the master key to unlock parental control.

What is the number you use to unlock your parental control?

This is going to depend on what your parents set it with. Talk to them, and see if they will let you unlock it.

How do you unlock parental control on a Verizon fios receiver?

you either have to have the code.. or you can unplug it and plug it back in

How do you unlock parental control on blu-ray DVD players?

Instructions should be in the player's owner's manual

How do you unlock your Sony dav-dz 275 player?

If you mean 'unlock' as in play discs from different regions, there is no region unlock for this model. If by 'unlock', you mean reset the parental control password, all Sony DVD's can be reset by entering 199703 when there is no disc in the player.

How do you unlock parental control on blu ray player?

You put in the code you entered when you locked it in the first place. We're assuming that you're the parent and that you put in the code and therefore know it. If that's not the case, then you don't unlock it, kid.

Is there an universal unlock code for an ipod 80gb?


How do you unlock parental block on a sharp TV?

same question above

How do you unlock comcast parental controls?

i reallly need to now the freakin answer

How do you unlock your Sony DAV-TZ210 Home Theater?

Unlock, as in play DVD's from other regions, or unlock as in remove the parental lock for adult movies?

How do you unlock your Sony DAV-FX900W home theatre system?

When asked for your parental control password (with the disc out of the player), enter 199703. You will then be asked to enter a new password. Don't forget this one!

What does the body control module on a 97 camaro control?

When the correct transmitter signal is received to lock the doors, a transistor driver will energize the correct lock control relay coil and arm the universal theft deterrent, if equipped. The BCM also regulates which lock control relays will be energized to unlock the doors, release the rear compartment lift window panel and disarm the universal theft deterrent, if equipped.