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same question above

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Q: How do you unlock parental block on a sharp TV?
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How do you remove parental block on a sony tv?

4357 is the master key to unlock parental control.

How Unlock password sharp TV?

how unlock my sharptv model no 21m-fg1amk2

How unlock password of model 21G-FX10L Xflat slim sharp TV?


I have an apex AT2008 model tv and don't know how to reset parental locks?

I forgot what my parental code is and can not unlock the blocked channels. How can I reset my television ? It is an Apex AT2008 model

How do you unlock password on sharp tv model 21V-FS700S?

0000 on remote

How do you unlock password on my sharp tv serial no 15278643?

Call the company and ask..

Online manual for Disney cars DVD tv?

How do we get parental block off the tv we bought it used

How do you unlock a sharp television?

Just press the display button in the remote control for 4 seconds.then there it is ok.

Does satellite cable TV have parental controls?

Yes, both Dish Network and DIRECTV satellite TV providers do provide parental controls. They pretty much the same way as the cable TV parental controls do - they block programs rated at or above a selected rating unless you key in the passcode.

HOW TO unlock your sharp tv 21g-fx10a?

I am Still trying since last year.... hahaha

What are some solutions for TV violence?

You can block channels, or shows. Just either set to what channels or what rating and it will block, if you want to watch it you can put in the password and it will unlock for you.

I Need the parental code to unlock cars tv DVD player?

Try the codes 0000, 1234 and 4567. If those don't work, google the model of the DVD player.