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Treatment for all hemorrhoids depends on the severity of the hemorrhoid. For a less severe hemorrhoid, the doctor may just prescribe a cream to soothe and help shrink the affected area. For a more severe hemorrhoid, the doctor may do a surgery to remove the hemorrhoid and cauterize the area.

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Q: What is the treatment for a fisher hemroid?
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What is the diffrence of a hemroid and a anual fisher?

A hemorrhoid is a swollen vascular structure (full of blood) An anal fissure is a tear in the lining of the rectum

Can Hemroid Cream give effective Treatment for Hemroid?

Hemroids Cream ( are generally used in external hemorrhoids but in some cases it can be also used in internal hemorrhoids. The best creams are that which can provide quick and permanent relief.

What is the difference of a hemroid and a anual fisher?

An anal fissure is a break or tear in the skin of the anal canal. Hemorrhoids are a swelling of the lining of the anus. See the related links to Wikipedia to compare the two.

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What places sell items for hemroid treatment?

If one wishes to purchase treatment for hemorrhoids these treatments can be readily found at local pharmacies or stores such as Walmart or Target. There are also options available online on the Amazon site. If the condition is more severe one can get a prescription from a doctor or possibly have them surgically removed.

What is the recovery period from Fisher's syndrome?

Once Fisher syndrome is identified, treatment can lead to recovery in as soon as two to four weeks after the symptoms are initially acquired.

How is Fisher syndrome treated?

Treatment for Fisher syndrome involves removing the plasma from affected individuals, a procedure called plasmapheresis. In doing so, antibodies that cause the disease are also removed.

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Should a hemroid go inside and then outside Over and over again?

Yes, a hemorrhoid can come in and out. You will need to see a doctor in case surgery is needed.