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Q: What is the thing that ticks to keep time to music?
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What is the purpose of a metronome?

The purpose of a metronome is to keep musicians playing in time with the music. When you set the speed the metronome ticks to the beat of the music which keeps the musician in time.

How clock in computer ticks after they are shutdown?

There is a battery inside the computer to keep the time while the computer is off or unplugged.

Is a metronome a device to measure dynamic levels in music?

nope metronome is used to count off tempo it ticks at regular time periods

What time of the day is the best time to lift weights?

either first thing in the morning or nightalso listening to music makes it more fun and heps you keep a possitive attitude

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What makes dogs to have ticks?

Ticks live in Grass, and dogs spend more time in/on grass than humans do. And that's when and where they pick up the Ticks.

What is the thing called that keeps time when playing music?


Does music improve your time?

yes,ts the best thing in the world

How long is tick gestation and how many eggs do ticks lay at one time?

Ticks gestation is for 10-20 minutes ... Ticks mostly lay about 60-70 eggs..

What is a metronome?

A thing that swings in time to music and clicks...kinda like a pendulum

What are ticks on dogs?

ticks are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of animals and humans. Ticks produce a toxin which can harm your dog if you do not remove the tick in the correct manner and a dog with ticks may develop anaemia or become poisoned by the ticks over an extended period of time if nothing is done about the tick infestation.

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