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Everyone fits in somewhere they just need to find where.

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Q: What is the theme for the revealers by doug Wilhelm?
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How many pages are in the book Revealers?

Revealers is a book by Doug Wilhelm. It has 242 pages. It is a book about bullying.

What is the falling action the revealers by doug Wilhelm?

The falling action in the revealers are Elliot Catalina and Russell putting up stuff on kidnet to show the bully's to stop bullying and they put up posters

In the book revealers by doug Wilhelm what does ritchie mean by dad From hell?

In "The Revealers" by Doug Wilhelm, when Richie describes someone as a "dad from hell," he means that the person is a difficult and problematic father figure who may cause distress or trouble for their child. It implies that the father is overly strict, uncaring, or even abusive.

How many books has Doug Wilhelm wrote?


When was The Revealers created?

The Revealers was created in 2003.

Who are the characters in the revealers?

Russel (main character) Elliot (main character) Catalina (main character) Richie (bully) Jock Rots (supporting characters) Mrs. Capelli (principal) Ms. Hogeboom (teacher) Bethany (bully-ish person) all the parents (too many to tell) Allison (friend) and many other supporting characters

What was Doug Basham's entrance theme in OVW?

control by puddle of mudd

Who wrote the book Revealers?

Amanda Marrone

How many pages are in the revealers?

207 pages

What is Bethany's last name in the revealers?


What is catalina's last name in the revealers?

Her name is Catalina Aarons

What are some strengths and weaknesses of Richie in the revealers?

Strenght that everyone is scared of him.