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Minato Namikaze's (Fourth Hokage's) teleportation technique is called the Flying Thunder God Technique or Hiraishin no Jutsu. To do this, the user needs a special seal to mark the destination to go to. After that the user enters a dimensional void that transports himself to the location seal in a blink of an eye. Minato also applied the seal to weapons. He can immediately teleport to that person if he gives the weapon with the seal on it to him/her. Minato can also put the seal on an area that has been touched, like his opponent or features around his opponent. If the object applied with the seal touches the ground, the user will immediately know where everyone close in range to the seal. This effect makes it very suitable for spying or surveillance He can always arrive next to the seal no matter where it is. This jutsu requires no chakra making it unique because of another seal emitting the same chakra as the user. It is this technique that made Konoha successful in winning the Iwagakure- Konohagakure war.

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Q: What is the teleportation jutsu used by the Fourth Hokage?
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Who is Naruto's father and what kind of jutsu did he know?

naruto's father was the fourth hokage, Minato Namikaze, he made the Flying God Thunder Technique, which can be used for teleportation and many other things.

Where is the 4 hokage?

The Fourth hokage died protecting Konoha from the nine tailed fox. The jutsu used to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto killed him in the process.

Did the fourth hokage really die?

The answer to that question is yes. The fourth hokage died from using the Reaper Death Seal to save the leaf village from the nine-tails. The jutsu kills the user and the victim it is being used upon. It basically takes their soul out.

Which Hokage sealed the nine-tailed fox inside of naruto?

The one on his stomach was the seal used to imbue the Nine-tailed Fox demon inside him. It is a Reaper Death seal. This is a jutsu that his father, the Fourth Hokage, used to take away some of the fox's power by sealing it within Naruto.

Why did the 1st Hokage and 2nd fight the 3rd Hokage?

They didnt really, Orochimaru used the impure world resurrection which is a jutsu that uses sacrifices to to resurrect dead people, which the user can then control

Did orochimaru kill 4 Hokage?

No. Orichimaru killed the 3rd hokage when the 3rd hokage used this jutsu to sacrifice his life to take Orochimarus arms so that he cant do jutsus. But,that isn't really Orochimarus body so he can just get a new body.

Who killed the fourth hokage?

tobi did when he used full sharinjan and when the 4th hokage broke half of tobis mask he used every thing i think

How will you answer this mega quiz questions in answer box?

#1: What is the first jutsu used in the fight between Orochimaru and Sarutobi?#2: Which Hokage was the Nidaime Hokage?#3: Which Hokage belongs to Iwakagure?#4: The Valley of End is the sight of the great fight between the first hokage and who?#5: Magen: Jubaku Satsu is what type of jutsu?#6: Who uses Sabaku Kyu?#7: What does the "Shika" in Shikamaru's name mean?#8: The idea for Jiraiya was taken from which folklore tale?#9: What is the name of the land that Orochimaru controls?#10: What is Kochiyose: Edo Tensei?

Who will die in the fight of orochimaru and the 3rd Hokage?

The third hokage dies against Orochimaru only because he used a jutsu that was meant to kill both Orochimaru and the Third. Though it didn't work out; and only put Orochimaru's arms in agonizing pain.

How does the 3rd Hokage die?

at the end of season 3 of Naruto, Orrochimaru Attacks the Village during the chunin exams. The thrird hokage trys to seal Orrochimaru's soul but fails and can only seal his arms. but the justu he used is a sacrafice justu so the third hokage had to die.

How did orochimaru kill the third Hokage?

In a sense Orochimaru did not kill the 3rd. The 3rd used a jutsu to make Orochimaru not be able to use his arms anymore and then he died in the process of it. So no Orochimaru did not kill the 3rd.

How did Hokage three die while fighting with orochimaru in naruto season three?

He used a soul-sealing jutsu that costs the user their life. He created two shadow clones to seal the First and Second Hokages, and sealed the life force of Orochimaru's arms into his real body. The jutsu complete, he died, as he knew would happen.