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Q: What is the support for a movie camera called?
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What was the first movie camera called?


What is a 1-legged support used to steady a camera?

The 1-legged support to steady a camera is called a "unipod." Or monopod

Is movie camera a video camera?

No. The movie camera used film to document events and they were shown on a projector.

Why is the movie camera is helpful?

Try making a movie without a movie camera. It's really difficult.

What actors and actresses appeared in Woman with a Movie Camera - 2013?

The cast of Woman with a Movie Camera - 2013 includes: Jk Russ as Woman with a Movie Camera

What is the duration of Man with a Movie Camera?

The duration of Man with a Movie Camera is 1.13 hours.

When was Man with a Movie Camera created?

Man with a Movie Camera was created on 1929-01-08.

What is the type of camera called that is NOT a digital camera?

A film camera

What is the camera called that prints right from the camera?

a Polaroid camera

What is the name for a wheeled camera support?


What was the first camera called?

The first camera was absolutely called the Zoopraxiscope in 1800's

What is the purpose of the stabilizer?

Camera stabilizer is a device which is purposely designed to hold the camera in such a manner that it prevents camera shakes. Camera stabilizers are generally hand held but can be used in number of ways. They can be used with arm support brace and body support system. The main purpose of camera stabilizer is to hold the camera and prevent unwanted camera movements resulting in stable, steady and smooth shots. If you are using camera stabilizer with a body support system, they are extremely comfortable and you can carry them for long hours of shooting.