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The subject is family

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My whole family

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Q: What is the subject of your whole family had a picnic on Saturday?
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What is the subject in this sentence The whole family eats dinner?

The complete subject is "The whole family". The simple subject is "family".

Is whole family a compound noun?

No, the term 'whole family' is a noun phrase, a group of words based on a noun that can function as a unit in a sentence.The noun phrase 'whole family' is made up of the noun 'family' described by the adjective 'whole'.Example functions:The whole family loves to go camping. (subject of the sentence)Grandma made enough to feed the whole family. (direct object of the verb 'to feed')Note: In the example sentences, the article 'the' is part of the complete noun phrase 'the whole family'.

What are the recreational activities of the family?

Wholesome Recreational Activities --> physical, social, mental and emotional development. EX. having a picnic with the whole family going to beach watching movies with your family playing with your parents.doing an outdoor activities. -->hope i answer your question.♥♥♥mwah.

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Considering the wedding is this coming Saturday there is something else going on with your fiance. It is possible his family is not happy with his choice for his bride. He is not telling you the whole truth. It is unusual that the whole family would not be able to make the wedding ceremony. You need to sit down with your fiance and discuss what the real problem is. He may have cold feet or, again, his family may not approve of you. If he loves you he should marry you whether his family comes or not. If it is true the family doesn't want to come it is rude no matter what their feelings are.

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Ipswich City offers an enormous range of opportunities for you to enjoy your local environment. These include a huge range of that has something for the whole family, whether it be a family picnic, a playground for the children to enjoy or walking track that enable you to gain an appreciation of our local flora and fauna.

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The Whole Family was created on 1908-10-15.

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Michelle Stern has written: 'The whole family cookbook' -- subject(s): Cooking (Natural foods), Cooking

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