What is the sound era?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Early movies, known as silent films, did not have sound, they consisted only of moving pictures. When movies began to be made with sound, the art of the motion picture entered the sound era.

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Q: What is the sound era?
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How is the phonograph useful?

Well, in our era of digital sound phonograph is a great choice to hear real analog sound :)

What was the era that glenn miller wrote in?

Glenn Millers Band performed during the swing era of the big band sound.

Top movie star in 1928?

First of all, movie stars in 1928 were considered "Players". Considered by most, the best in that year was John Gilbert. However, huge in the silent film era, he never progressed into talkies (sound era). Many other silent movie star careers were extinguished by the sound era.

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Were Felix the Cat cartoons silent?

Felix the Cat is a cartoon character created in the silent film era and so the first ones were , of course without sound , and the later ones were accompanied with a sound track .

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the answer is : Neoclassical era, Romantic era, Victorian era, modernist era.

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Jimmy Stewart

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