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Neoclassical era

Romantic Era

Victorian Era

Modernist Era

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Q: Arrange the following literary eras in chronological order Modernist era Romantic era Neoclassical era Victorian era?
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Which of following is not associated with modernist movement?

Postmodernism is not associated with the modernist movement. Postmodernism is a reaction against modernist principles and embraces a more pluralistic and decentralized approach to art and culture.

Which of the following is not a characteristic associated with modernist writings?

Regular rhyme schemes

Which of the following can be considered the earliest forerunners of Modernist art?

Baudelaire, Manet, and Flaubert

What is a quality associated with Neoclassical literature?

One key quality associated with Neoclassical literature is its emphasis on reason, order, and rationality. Neoclassical writers believed in following established literary conventions and rules, often drawing inspiration from classical works. Additionally, Neoclassical literature tends to prioritize clear language and poised expression over emotional or fantastical themes.

WHAT IS A chronological sequence?

A following of one thing after another in the context of time.

Where online is a chronological list of American composers?

Try the following links below.

What is the word that means 'following in time or order'?

chronological or chronologically to describe something

Events out of chronological sequence are known as?

A following of one thing after another in time.

Which of the following approaches to narrative and point of view is best described as Modernist?

fusing multiple narratives into a single voice.

Which of the following approaches to the narration and point of view is best described as modernist?

using multiple characters to narrate a story

Which of the following techniques is used when a person tells a story in the order in which the events happened?

chronological order

What is the correct chronological of the following events in the history of ancient Greece?

3, 4, 2, 1