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The song is called my girl but it's about how how their girl loves them so much and they know it because they're always texting and they have a great time together and they can be not talking or 3 million miles apart but they still love each other. And when you really listen to the lyrics you can just know automatically what they're talking about / what the song is about

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Q: What is the song your girl by Mindless Behavior about?
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What song does Mindless Behavior sing on Sonny With a Chance?

Mindless Behavior-My Girl

What is Mindless Behavior first song?

Number one girl My Girl Mrs.Right Valentine Girl Hello

What is mindless behavior second song?

My girl

What song did mindless behavior do with sierra?

my girl remix

When was the song my girl made by mindless behavior?


What is the song Future by Mindless Behavior about?

this song is about mindless behavior telling the girl that they like they would love to be with her but they can't right now they have to focus on their future

What is the song mindless behavior is making after valentine's girl?


Is my girl mindless behavior's new sigle?

No that song is old asf

What is the boys of mindless behavior favorite song?

Ms right & my girl

Who is breana from Mindless Behavior?

shes not from mindless behavior if your talking about at the end of the song missing you shes a girl prodigy knew in middle school

How can you text Mindless Behavior?

His number is (323) 319 - 6060 Its in his song "My Girl" at the end of the song :)

Who raps in each part of Christmas with my girl by mindless behavior?

the girl who rap in their song was....Ciara.