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Mindless Behavior loves all kinds of girl's ,there not too picky.

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Q: Does mindless behavior like light skinned girls or dark skinned girls?
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Do Mindless Behavior date white girls Or do they only go for light skinned girls?

They can but I domt think so

Does the light skinned girl from the omg girls talk to roc royal from the mindless behavior boys?

all of the omg girls talk to roc,prince,prod,and ray

Is princetonm from mindless behavior Mexican?

NO! He is african-american hes just light skinned.

Does Jaden Smith like light skinned girls or dark skinned?

jaden smith likes dark skinned and light skin girls. It's not the color that matters , it's the personality that counts.

Why sometimes are light skinned girls stuck up?

There is not a specific reason why light skinned girls are sometimes stuck up. Girls are girls and no matter their skin color, if they want to be stuck up they will be.

Why don't dark skinned African American girls like the light skinned or biracial girls?

because they aren't purebred

What does Princeton from Mindless Behavior look like shirtless?

Light skin

Are light skin girl prettier than brown or dark skin girls?

A lot of people tend to depict light skinned girls as being more "attractive." Take for example... Beyonce, Mya, Keisha Chante, Keri Hilson, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys..etc. But I don't really think that one race can outshine the other. There are light skinned AND dark skinned girls who are beautiful. We all have flaws within ourselves. I'm lightskinned, but even still I take offense when all you see in the media or magazines are light skinned girls. I have dark skinned friends, and my older sister is dark skinned or brown skinned. Each and every shade is beautiful, no matter how light, and no matter how dark.

Who were the other two girls from destiny's child?

Michelle William: The other light skinned one Kelly Rowland: The Darker skinned one

Does Princeton from Mindless Behavior like you?

Princeton said on Twitter he likes all types of girls,short,tall,light,dake he thinks girls are beautiful!!He is really a sweet guy and he doesnt care what colour you are aslong as you like him for him

Does Jaden Smith like dark girls or light girls?

Jaden Smith likes dark skinned and light skin girls. It's not the color that matters , it's the personality that counts.

Is gabby soleil light skinned or dark skinned?

she is light skinned in mixed race