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"Terrible Things" by April Smith and the Great Picture Show.

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Q: What is the song playing on the weeds season 6 promo?
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What song is playing Ghost whisperer season 4 promo?

The song is "Hear You Breathing" by "Stuart Reid"

What song is playing in the promo for Nurse Jackie and Weeds?

hey i was wonderin that too! r u talking about the promo with both weeds and Jackie for showtimes new monday night? Yes I am. I think the promo's about a year or two old now, but I still would like to know! :)

What song was playing at the end of Weeds season 6 finale?

the song is "Your Rocky Spine" by the great swimmers.

What is the song played in the supernatural season 5 promo?


What is the song of the promo csi Vegas season 8 on Dubai one?

Just saw the promo on Dubai one. The song is 42 by Coldplay.

What is the song on the season finale promo of the vampire diaries?

If you mean Season 2 it was 'Skinny Love' by 'Birdy' :) such a beautiful song

What is the song from the season 7 promo of deadliest catch?

Season 7 used Johnny Cash's song "Ain't no Grave"

What is the song from the season 6 promo of deadliest catch?

Rise by Eddie Vedder

What song is playing during Eastwick promo?

anjulie-BOOM ;0)

What is the song playing on the HBO Spring 2010 promo commercial?

The group is The xx and the song is crystalized

What song plays at the end of weeds season 4 finale?

The song is called Love You and it is by The Free Design

What is the song playing at the beginning of the Penelope promo for Twilight?

Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla