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Q: What song plays in the Foxtel W channel promo?
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What is the song used in the promo for History Channel's 'Swamp People'?

"I Know What I am" by Band of Skulls

What is song that plays in WWE raw US promo?

burn it to the ground by nickleback

What song plays during the Ghost Hunters Academy promo from TV?

the themesong

What song is played on Rookie Blue 2013 Season 4 promo advert on the Universal Channel?


What is the song used in the promo for History Channel's Appalachian Outlaws?

Gangstagrass - I'm Gonna Put You Down

What song plays in MTV skins reverse promo?

i believe its "kids" by sleigh bells

On which cable television network would you find American Dragon Jake Long?

Disney channel 1 in the morning or if you have foxtel its somewhere in the night the number for the channel is 707bye hope i hepedBrendaSong27 PSP Brenda Song Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the name of the song used in the ID channel promo for behind mansion walls?

"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" by Lady GaGa

What is the song on the foxtel 100 days of summer ad?

The song is called "Go Do" by Jonsi

What is the name of the song on the HTC advertisement currenty shown on foxtel?

The song on foxtel for the HTC Advertisement is Hipster Troll Car Wash and Rabba Rabba, feautring Robert Downey Jr.

What is the song featured in the new 2012 HBO Signature Channel's promo?

I believe it's All at Once by The Airborne Toxic Event

Who sings the song for the new channel 7 promo of their shows?

Guessing Guy Sebastian or Stan Walker coz they sound similar.