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Post Modern Girls by Regina Spektor & the Strokes...!!!!

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Q: What is the song playing in the new think bingo advert?
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Who sang song think bingo advert?

Moon pig Moon pig Moon pig Moon pig Moon pig

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Hold My Hand.

For the song is it bingo bingo bingo was his name or was it dingo?

It was bingo

What is the song playing in the Disney channel Christmas party advert 2010?

the song is Pixie Lott: Its all about tonight

What is the song playing on the advert of Unhitched on Fx?

it's. A-punk by vampire weekend mayte

What is the song playing in the short advert for final series of The Hills on MTV?

Breathe Me by Sia

What is the song playing in the new sure extra cool advert?

TDL - Forces The Forces

What is the song Playing in the rippeR street advert?

"No Church in the Wild" by Kanye West and JayZ.

What do you shout when winning a game of bingo?

You sing the Bingo song.

What is the song on the holiday inn advertisement?

The song playing on the Holiday Inn advert 2010 is 'you always make me smile' by Kyle Andrews and I love that song!!!

According to the song Bingo who is the owner of Bingo?


What is the song to the 'accidentally on purpose' advert for E4?

I think the song you're after is 'stay too long' by plan b.