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'Glycerine' by Bush.

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Q: What is the song margerine based on in the simpsons?
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What is the name of the song that Homer sung in The Simpsons Movie?

''Spiderpig'' which was based on The Spiderman Pig

What are the notes and rhythm for The Simpsons theme song for viola?

viola notes to the simpsons theme song?

What is the forbidden song on The Simpsons?

There is no forbidden song.

Are simpsons based on Illuminati?


What is Cody Simpsons first song?

His first song was Iyiyiyi

Will Lisa Simpson on the title theme of The Simpsons play the Main Simpsons Theme on the newer series of the Simpsons?

I Hope she does cause the Simpsons theme song sounds better!

What was Cody Simpsons first song he wrote?

his first song was "one"

When was Cody Simpsons first song?


What class of people was The Simpsons made for?

The Simpsons is based on the normal middle class family.

What is The Simpsons based on?

The scale is based on wind speeds in the hurricane

When was Margerine Eclipse created?

Margerine Eclipse was created on 2004-01-27.

Who wrote The Simpsons theme?

Danny Elfman wrote the theme song for the cartoon television hit show The Simpsons. The song plays during the opening sequence.