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It's called "Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um" by Major Lance.

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Q: What is the song in the current Kraft Philly shredded cheese commercial?
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Is there cellulose in shredded cheese?

Yes there is cellulose in shredded cheese.

Who is the actress in the newest 2009 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial with the It's a philly cream cheese fairy tale premise?

Tiffany Elle.

How many cups are in 10 oz shredded cheese?

There are approximately 2 cups of shredded cheese in 10 oz.

Where can I find a Philly cheese steak recipe online?

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How much shredded parmesan cheese equals grated parmesan cheese?

Shredded and grated are the same. Eg 1oz of shredded = 1oz of grated.

Why is one cup of shredded cheese only 4 oz. and not 8oz. which is a cup?

Because the density of shredded cheese is less than that of water. Shredded cheese contains lots of air.

Can shredded cheddar cheese be used in soup?

Yes, of course. It is still cheese, it's just shredded.

How many cups of shredded cheese are in 1 kg?

how many cups of shredded cheese are in 1 kg

Shredded cheddar cheese comes from where?

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How do you make the perfect Philly Cheese steak sandwhich?

Take a trip to Philly....

In 2000 how much philly ceam cheese was sold?

Over 2.2 Million packages were sold of Philly Cream Cheese in 2000.

Is shredded cheese a type of cheese?

No, it is a state the cheese is in (no matter what the type).