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Music from several of the Clorox songs that have been requested here are available on the new charity album, THE BLUE SKY PROJECT. It's available on iTunes, cdbaby, and other sites. ITUNES LINK:

The album benefits a charity called Music In Schools Today (, a program that supports music programs for young kids in public schools.

The songs on the album, and their corresponding commercials are:

"Mermaid" & "Pirates"- from the commercials about the girl pretending she's a mermaid and the boy pretending he's a pirate. Composed by H. Scott Salinas and Francois-Paul Aiche

"Lion's Mane"- an Iron & Wine song that appeared in a commercial for Clorox Wipes.

"Smooth Day"- This song is from a commercial for Brita brand (owned by Clorox) water filters in which people literally float through their days. Composers: The Elements.

"Smile"- A song from a couple of Clorox wipes commercials where a dad dances with his daughter and a mother kisses her daughter's toes. Composed by Rich Wiley.

"And Time Stood Still" was composed by Kenseth Thibideau and was in a commercial in which two young boys play in the mud.

"Birthday Girl" is from a commercial where kids pretend their bathtubs are playground rides. By Andrew Rodriguez.

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Q: What is the song in the Clorox Commercials?
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