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The setting of the book 'The Hunger Games' is in a post-apocalyptic North America by the name of Panem.

At the beginning, Katniss, which is the main female protagonist, lives in District 12 until later she travels to the Capitol to compete in the annual Hunger Games. The Capitol is estimated to be in the Rockies, while District 12 is in Appalachia. After several days in the Capitol, they travel to the Arena where the actual Games take place. Collins never tells us where exactly the arenas are built, but some have guessed maybe Canada.

The Hunger games is set in a country called Panem which was formerly the United States. This is set 100's to 1000's of years in the future. The smaller-scale setings are district 12, the Capitol, and the Arena.

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The Hunger Games is set in post-apocalyptic North America. The main settings in the book are District 12 (where Katniss lives),the Capitol, and the arena, which was a forest.

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Q: What is the setting of The Hunger Games?
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What is the setting in hunger games?

they are in the arena

How do you begin to write a setting of the hunger Game?

You can just watch the movie and when play the games online then you can make a good setting! A good start is an excellent setting for the Hunger Games is...

Is the setting of the hunger games a backdrop?

yes it is

What kind of setting does the Hunger Games take place in?

The Hunger Games takes place in a post-apocalyptic world

What is setting of environment in hunger games?

I beleive that it is in the forest

How does the author create setting in the hunger games?

by skill

What is the setting in the book Hunger Games?

In Panem. In District 12. In all 12 districts and in the Capitol. In the Hunger Games Arena.

what is the setting in the hunger games book?

In Panem. In District 12. In all 12 districts and in the Capitol. In The Hunger Games Arena.

Where can you find Catching Fire's setting in Hunger Games?

Catching Fire's setting is in three different places: District 12, the Capitol, and the Arena for the 75th annual Hunger Games.

The setting of the Hunger Games?

I would say the setting would be Panem, in the future, or in the arena.

How does the author tell you about the setting in the Hunger Games?

She descibes the woods and trees and the games and location

How is setting important in the Hunger Games?

The setting is were the hunger games take place