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The recipe is never stated in Harry Potter.

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Q: What is the recipe for the Aging potion in Harry Potter?
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What is the recipe to make a Harry Potter Wiggleweld Potion?

there is no recipe

What is the Amortentia potion in Harry Potter?

the amortentia potion is the strongest love potion in the world [ harry potter world ]

Who is the making dark potion in Harry Potter?

In "Harry potter and the goblet of fire" peter pettigrew is making the dark potion.

What is the recipe for liquid luck?

The complete recipe is not given in any of the Harry Potter books. Note that in any case, this is a fictional potion; not one that will work in real life.

Where do you find the banana for the aging potion on level 4 of Lego Harry Potter?

You have to use Hermione's cat to go trough the tube and use the bird to get the banana.

What is Wolfbsane in Harry Potter?

its a potion ingredient.

Do they drink a potion in the novel Harry Potter?

Yes, in the second book of the Harry Potter series - The Chamber of Secrets, Harry, Ron, and Hermionie each drink the polyjuice potion.

What Harry Potter film is the one where harry finds the potion book?

Harry potter and the half blood prince

How do you make the potion for dumbledor in Harry Potter 6 the game for Wii?

go to the potions club to make the wigenweld potion for dumbledore on harry potter: hbp.

Where is the snake for the potion in Harry Potter?

If you are speaking of the snake for a potion in Lego Harry Potter 1-4, there are a number of potions that have this item as an ingredient. Let us know where the cauldron for this potion is, and we can tell you where to get the snake.

What is Amortentia?

amortenia is a love potion from Harry Potter.

What potion did Harry Potter take to get Horace Slughorn's memories?

Harry Potter took a potion called Felix Felicis. Known as liquid luck, the person who drinks this potion will become lucky until it wears off.